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power connectors, and paia knobs
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Author power connectors, and paia knobs
so i need two unrelated things here-
a) i want to solder some male pin connectors to my paia 9700 modules (the power cables are soldered directly to the boards now), and some female connectors to the cables. so the modules can be easily removed/swapped in and out. i already tried buying some connectors at mouser but got the wrong parts. anyone able to tell me what specs these things are (distance between pins) so i can get the right ones next time? also, do blacet and other frac modules use the same specs there generally?
b) anyone know where i can get knobs like paia use on the 9700 modules with the blue caps? i've lost a few...
Blacet use 0.156" spaced headers, Paia use 0.1".

Paia have a document that gives the correct part numbers for building power cables, see here.

A lot depends what you're using for a power supply - if using a Blacet one then the power supply end of the cable you make will need the bigger headers to fit on to the pin headers on the power distribution board. You'll need Mouser part # 538-09-50-3041 for those.

If you're using a Paia power supply, just use the part numbers as mentioned in their document linked above.

Can't help you with the knobs I'm afraid.
thanks a lot, i believe i actually AM using a blacet power supply, so that's very helpful!

i went ahead and emailed paia about the knobs but it seems my email was returned due to their inbox being full or something.
Blue knobs for the 9700 can be purchased at RadioShack:

Link->RadioShack Blue Insert Control Knob

You can purchase other colors too. Small Bear Electronics has some:

Link->Knurled, Colored Cap
ah cool thanks. i thought i had saw someone saying something about those knobs somewhere here at the forum, and radioshack sounds familiar. nice!
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