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Rack Effect Shots
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Author Rack Effect Shots
I couldn't find a rack effect specific thread so here goes.

Top of Rack: Behringer SubMixer U802 (for CD players & cassette loops), Boss Flange and Phase (for Micromoog), Frostwave Sequencer (for Micromoog), Micromoog

Rack: Zoom 1201, Zoom 1202, Eventide H3000(Kitchen Sink w/ Sampling), DeltaLabs Effectron I 1020, DeltaLabs Effectron 1024, DeltaLabs Echotron, Lexicon Vortex, Kurzweil Mangler, Furman M8X2 Power and Speck SSM power supply

Top of Rack: Korg D8 Disc Recorder, Roland/Boss 404SX Sampler

Rack: Speck Assign 28 Buss Mixer, ART Patchbay, Numark EX1500 Dual 15 Band Graphic EQ (for EH 2880), TC Electronics M300, Ashly 1502 Dual 15 Band Graphic EQ, Teac Tascam 238 8 Track Cassette Recorder, Teac Tascam 112 Mk II Stereo Cassette Recorder, Teac Tascam CD Recorder, Sony VCR
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Guitars, Basses, Amps & FX  
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