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Twin Peaks Metasonix
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Author Twin Peaks Metasonix
I just watched Parts 1 &2 of the reboot, and it's phenomenal from the Francis-Bacon-came-to-life vs. North Pacific pastoral visuals to the grinding sound design. All of it done by David Lynch himself.

He's clearly using a heavily concocted industrial rig. Anyone recognize Metasonix in there?
interesting eek!
Beats me--searches for "Twin Peaks 2017 soundtrack" lead to things like this and nothing about the gear used.
FatRocky wrote:

If it buzzes like Metasonix, gurgles like Metasonix, and rasps like Metasonix must be Metasonix.

I sort of suspect he's using the reverb unit on some things and the D-1000 for some of the percussive noises.

I don't think Angelo Badalamenti composed much else but some themes this time around. David Lynch is pretty secretive about the tools he uses to create his art.
Can you link to what you suspect has Metasonix in it?
I wish I could . . . it's Monopolized by Showtime right now.

There is a version of "American Woman" that sounds heavily processed as well as lots of ambient sounds.

I'll poke around and see if I can find any links.

you mean this? doesnt smell even a tiny hinch of yellow to me seriously, i just don't get it
It doesn't sound massively distorted and low end/ low mid heavy like most Metasonix gear does. The distortion probably just reminds you of heavy Metasonix distortion because it's a slowed down. It's a female vocal originally and to my ears sounds like it was recorded through a ribbon mic. Then the rest of the harmonic content are probably your standard guitar and bass amps, vox, marshall whatever the local rock studio has and a room for the percussion.

Metasonix is pretty heavy duty, it does "a thing" and it does it well.
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