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Help me get this sound from Pan Sonic
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Author Help me get this sound from Pan Sonic
Does anyone know how to get this salient sound that appears at 40s?

I know that Pan Sonic uses only analog material as in the picture and that they played this song live.

anyone ?
to me it sounds like a ride/cymbal sample through a distortion box, there's also some high rate pitch modulation on it after, probably it's done on the esx-1
I never imagined a sample of ride / cymbal, I had rather imagined a feedback circuit with a distortion
Sounds to me like the high hat opened and then it was ridden open/closed.
MindMachine wrote:
Sounds to me like the high hat opened and then it was ridden open/closed.

I will try with a drum machine
They also used lots of self made stuff.
But I would also say it's a distorted crushed 808 ride or so.
If I were to want to make that sort of noise, I'd probably be inclined to think about super short delays (<30Ms0 with really high feedback. Back when I used to use the Nord G2 a lot, I always loved how metallic and harsh sounding you could make just about anything by feeding through such a delay.

It also has a little bit of an air of that crunchy, limitation of the spin2/other generic processors pitch shifting that you can find on pedals and stuff. Could even in the context of that setup just be some noise or something processed by the Kaoss Pad's pitchshifting or maybe a pitched up and looping short sample?

Just some ideas to play with though.
News :
I just saw a live video in which he plays this song and clearly the sound comes from the green synth. Pan sonic plays much is sawtooth waves, I make the assumption that this synth is sawcore with PW, PWM. It seems to be connected to a Kaoss pad 2 for effects. This sound could be produced with lamps / tube present in the synth?
no news ideas ?
I've seen them live and as a previous poster said they use a Korg esx-1 for drums and percussion, usually played by Mika. Ilpo would usually play typewriter aka the green custom synth, and the ways he was interacting with it didn't appear to be part of the beats.
To me it sounds like a vocal sample made to sound "metallic" by time stretching or a short delay with lots of feedback. I'm pretty sure that's where the "metal" comes from and that it's not any type of cymbal.
sampled power grinder? (not joking)
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