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Alesis Bitrman Demo
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Kent's Demos are better with or without narration?
No talking, please.
 13%  [ 2 ]
Less talk; more rock
 13%  [ 2 ]
Amount of chatter acceptable.
 53%  [ 8 ]
Screw this audio stuff. Make sweet love to my ear with your golden voice.
 20%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 15

Author Alesis Bitrman Demo
I've only found one good Bitrman demo on the web. It is posted here in YouChoob format. It is the one where (Cary?) someone modified the 'Bitrness' control for CV. Sooooper Kewl.

Here is my audio version that goes into much more detail than what I've seen on the web. However, it is an 18+ minute mp3 file. This is due to the depth of the box. It does a lot. Demo is beneath the front panel photo which is convenient to refer to as I go through the demo. Now let's go drive up the price of these babies even further. very frustrating

Check it:

Oh, yeah... if you all could contribute to the poll, that would help me for future demos. Dankeschön!
I don't mind the chatter, it actually helps the understanding process( that sentence sounds funny.... "no way talking helps the understanding process...")

Anyway hihi Talky talky is cool with the noisy noise 8)

I'm listening to the bitrman right now, I have wanted one for quite a while, but never found one for the price I wanted confused

Looking forward to hearing this demo all the way through
Pour some coffee... maybe a quadruple venti size. She's a long one... (that's what she said...)
Ya know... It really didn't seem that long with talking, without talking it would be, but the dialog with the sounds+staring at the picture made it....heheh interactive hihi

Nice demo, I now want one more than before, I have never heard or played one in person, and any of the demos that I heard were pretty short and I never paid attention in detail to what settings were being used,
so for the most part, I have pretty much just used my imagination for what this thing can do.

Wow! applause I'll get one someday.

I have a similar workflow with the Virus b, and have spent days running drums through it getting similar results.
Man I never tried running anything into the footswitch jack. You learn something new every day! w00t I love my Bitrman.
parasitk wrote:
Man I never tried running anything into the footswitch jack. You learn something new every day! w00t I love my Bitrman.

Try this: Put a gate into the footswitch that turns the Bypass on/off whenever you want but make it something quick like every quarter note or 1/2 bar.
Then manually (with your finger) toggle the Bypass button at any old point that suits your fancy. The Gate that is going to the Footswitch jack will take care of getting the on/off back in time. However, you will now have the Bitrness hitting on the opposite beat.

Ah, heck... I went ahead and did a demo of it since everything was already connected. I use quarter notes, then 8th notes & then back to quarter notes. All the while manually toggling the Bypass switch whilst the foot switch jack is triggered by a gate at the above mentioned intervals.


Flamey Flamey Flamey Flamey Flamey
That is fucking cool. I suppose this will work with all ModFX pedals. I'll try it with my Philtre too (although I never use that with my modular).
Soy Sos
Great demo, great talk!
Ha! you won't get me this time like you did with the Plan B ASR demo! I already have a Bitrman 8)

Nice demo. Also thanks for the tip on the footswitch. I didn't know that! hyper w00t
lol. i saw this the other night not even realizing it was your demo. i think you should keep up the squirrely chipmunk voiceover's because.. well.. they rock.

Man, I wish I could rock my hair like that first squirrel. SlayerBadger!

Like the squirrel, I'm always trying to get that nut.
we need a slayer chipmunk. the badger doesn't quite fit this thread.
This is awesome, no idea how I hadn't come across this before. Wish someone would make them euro friendly now, I've got three ModFX - would be ace to mount them all smile
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