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WIGGLING 'LITE' IN GUEST MODE "Disturbo DS1" Orgasm Oscillator Mod
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Author "Disturbo DS1" Orgasm Oscillator Mod
I've been making these for a few years now but somehow never did a guitar demo for a guitar pedal hihi

Of course you can use this on synths and drum machines and vocals, but here's an example of just the one mod on guitar:

This is just a demo of the Orgasm Oscillator Mod which adds a kind of octave/synth tone to the pedal. It can also self oscillate (pedal theremin baby!) or be tamed a bit (boo!) into a monster Fuzz.

The full "Disturbo DS1" includes two other toggle modifications including the "Phone Booth" (kind of a high pass glitching filter" and the "Hot Sauce" which is a total 8Bit/gated Fuzz decimator type thang. Painful guitar demos for those forthcoming Guinness ftw!

Info and ordering ", head to the web page or Facebook or PM me here if you'd like!
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