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Galatea Ambient = Rene + Zularic + Stillson Hammer mk2
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Author Galatea Ambient = Rene + Zularic + Stillson Hammer mk2

Use of Stillson as secondary sequencer is an excuse to post this beautiful ambient piece by rustyjaw.
Good example of using multiple sequencers.

"A melodic ambient jam. I'm further exploring and integrating the Spectral Multiband Resonator's 1v/oct outs. I set up Rene's 4 memory slots with subsets of one of the SMR channel's scales, and switched these on Rene to create melodic progressions.

Rene is the primary sequencer, with its unquantized output going to the SMR and the quantized out going to the Intellijel Dixie II which plays the 'main' melodic line (although they are all pretty intertwined). I'm taking 3 waveforms from the Dixie and routing them through 3 different VCAs to create the main melody.

The gates are from the Zularic Repetitor in "Old World" mode, with CV into all the parts via Batumi to create an ever-evolving set of gates.

The bassline is from the Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box, and is sequenced by Stillson Hammer MkII. An ethereal background pad is also sequenced and gated by SH via Rings.

Effects are provided by the Dual Looping Delay, Echophon, Clouds, Instant Lo-fi Junky and Erbe Verb.

Filtering is AJH Synths Sonic XV, and MiniMod VCF as well as Bastl Cinnamon and Mannequins Three Sisters.

Mixing duties by Erica Synths Stereo Mixer v2."
Really beautiful! Thanks for the patch notes, they're very helpful.

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Really nice! Thanks for sharing and the detailed patch notes!!
Oh hey, that's me! Thanks for the kind words! Been away from this forum for over a week, so I had no idea this was here.

Reading my own patch notes, I see one sort of important omission in this part:

Rene is the primary sequencer, with its unquantized output going to the SMR...

What I neglected to note is that the Unquantized out is going to the "Rotate" input on the SMR.

That pushes the notes around the SMR scale, and via the 1v/oct outputs on the SMR, all the connected osc follow along with those notes.
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