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New Faceplate Windows on IME Store
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Author New Faceplate Windows on IME Store
"We have added some manufactured acrylic plastic windows to the accessories store. If you need to replace your PVC film window or desire a better appearance, use these parts. FACEPLATES NOT INCLUDED."

Looks like they're made of adamantium.

Thanks for the info!!! Just ordered 1 for the Stillson Hammer mk2.

update 06/17/17:
I actually messed up my install/glue portion and got some on the window very frustrating.
It was enough to annoy me to order another and try again.
The 2nd attempt went off perfect! Best tip I can give is regarding application of the glue; apply some super glue to a disposal surface (I used the packaging the item came in). Then using a toothpick, dip in the glue and 'glide' apply to the “shelf” of the plastic window. This will allow you to get just the right amount of glue for the "shelf", not applying to much/more than needed and getting it all over the place when you actually push the window into the faceplate!
nice thanks for the heads up - SHmk][ and Pistn Honda ordered - this is a huge improvement over the 'film'!
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