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SoundCloud-like comments on audio files
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Author SoundCloud-like comments on audio files
Does anyone know of a browser plugin or program that works similar to the SoundCloud music player; where you can leave comments at a specific time?

My bandmates want to be able to leave comments to help with structuring and revising the music. The Soundcloud system works great but it starts to break down when you're trying to keep the audio files private between a small group of people.

I thought about writing my own, but I looked a bit into it and it seems
beyond my capability (I'm only a novice programmer).
Thats a good idea for working on tunes in a band.

Maybe youtube would work. it has time tagged comments and private uploads. It doesn't have the little floating avatar on the waveform though.

I'd got with security through obscrurity. It is hard enough to get people to listen to your soundcloud when you want them too. If you put it on soundcloud and tell no one will listen to it.
widdly wrote:
If you put it on soundcloud and tell no one will listen to it.
True, although you may get an occasional message from some 'nice' person who says they are interested in connecting with you for 'romance'? meh hihi
yeah the band lead made a soundcloud for the band and got two "followers" within minutes...
The only thing is, at least three of us have our own music on our own accounts, so when we post a comment on the sounds it posts to our feed, then all of our friends and acquaintance get to see our really rough drafts.
Yeah. I agree with widdly, give YouTube a try and just mark them as Private and share only with band member. (if you mark them as Unlisted people can still somehow find and view the videos)
Thank you both! I didn't know about that feature on youtube!
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