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[DIY Bassdrum] 220uF electro's? Caps need to be this big?
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Author [DIY Bassdrum] 220uF electro's? Caps need to be this big?
The two caps on the power rails... 220uF seems excessive. The biggest caps I see in these spots are 47uF, while most other projects I see 10 or 22uF electro's there. Can smaller ones be used, or is there an actual need? Was this used in the original 808 circuit?

There's a third 220uF cap, that is connected to the +5V regulator. For a lower voltage, I can see a need for a bigger cap, but still... 220uF?
You can use a smaller value! No problem. It'll actually lower inrush current which might be a good thing depending on your PSU you're powering with. I made 'em pretty big on the DIY since, well, it's DIY and you can adjust to your needs. If you have a noisy as heck PSU, for example.

Anyway, anywhere in the realm of 22uF+ should be good. There's a lot on the Mutants that aren't on the 808 since they're powered by eurorack supplies instead of a specifically designed PSU for a single drum machine. And well, all of the trigger conditioning/accent stuff/etc. to make them work in modular at all. So it's not really quantitative to compare to the 808/909. But yeah, they had some big caps on the main linear PSU and then smaller ones dispersed throughout the massive PCB near each drum circuit.
Cool, thanks for the heads up on this! There was a FB discussion on the Synth DIY group about these power rail caps, and how inrush current can get pretty huge if you have a lot of modules with really big power rail caps. This is why I ask, even though I likely have a huge enough linear supply to handle it.

I also ask because I mistakenly ordered some 220uF's from Tayda that were HUGE, as in totally unusably huge. Got out a caliper and found some 220uF's at Mouser that'll fit, but I might go ahead and use the standard 22/47uF's I've been using in about every module I've made thus far.

Thanks again!
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