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Suggestions on building a vintage Moog modular clone?
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Author Suggestions on building a vintage Moog modular clone?
Rex Coil 7
SynthBaron wrote:
They could have "black oxide" stainless at first, they do make them. Maybe the cost was cut on those once the bulk box ran out in favor of upgrading those shitty original Chinese open frame jacks that were used in the first few years to Switchcrafts?
If you're speaking of the older screws that Dot Com used, they aren't stainless, they're just coated with a better substance. I've done a grinder test on those older screws, the feathers (~sparks~) match carbon steel, not stainless.

Speaking to the older modules in the Dot Com catalogue, yea ~ there were some pretty cheapo parts used ... open frame jacks that use oddball sized hex nuts, shorter standoffs, unbranded pots, and God only knows what components might be on the PCBs.

Lately (like 2017 lately) I've noticed Roger is using higher quality aluminum for the panels, but certain PCBs that used to be fully populated (such as the Q112) are not fully populated any more .... only the parts required to make a 4 ch mixer are on the PCBs now. So, uprating some things, saving money on a few others (but not using crappy components).

Here's the most recent Q112 I purchased, just about 5 or so months back ....

Compare that to how they were previously made. In the picture below, there is a Q112, a Q161, and a Q162. All used the same PCB will all of the same parts. The Q113 8 channel mixer also used the exact same boards with the exact same parts. But no more. I don't know what is going on with the Q161 (VCO Waveform mixer) and the Q162 (state variable filter state mixer) these days, but as I mentioned above, the Q112 4 channel mixer uses only the parts required for making a 4 channel mixer.

I learned all of this while I was collecting mixers for my project synth. I have SEVEN Dot Com mixers in my synth, and not one of them is configured the way that any of the stock Dot Com mixers are. They're originally designed as dual bus mixers with a summed output for the "main" out. I took advantage of the dual bus configuration as well as using one channel in each bus as a feedback channel. So as it turns out, I have SIX of these boards in my system that are all set up the same way. Two channels of mixer input and one channel of feedback per each bus, with two busses ... that's how each mixer circuit is set up. One for each of the 4 VCOS, one for the 4ch Main VCO Mixer, and one in the Dual Filter Panel that uses the mixer board for mixing the output states of the Q107 State Variable Filter. All six are set up the same way.

The seventh is in limbo right now. I may sell it. It's been replaced with a Moog CP3 mixer.

So .... yea .... there it is. cool

(unsubscribed - not mad or having a hissy fit - just trying to keep my number of subscribed threads under better control - if you wish to correspond please feel free to send me a PM, I'll be happy to hear from you - thanks!)
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