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ES-8 + Mbox 2 + Pro Tools + Win... Anyone get this to work?
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Author ES-8 + Mbox 2 + Pro Tools + Win... Anyone get this to work?
Hi all,

I have been very frustrating for over 6 hours now trying to get this setup to work and I'm wondering if anyone else has figured it out yet:

I am running Win 10 with Pro Tools 12 and normally use an Mbox 2 for my ins and outs.

I can switch the audio device in Pro Tools to be either the ES8 or the Mbox 2 with no issues... but of course then I am not using both of them at the same time.

I wanted to be able to use the ES8 (to get modular sounds in and out of my DAW) with my Mbox 2 (to use for other instrument ins and for monitoring). So I heard that ASIO4ALL could make this happen.

However, when selecting ASIO4ALL as my audio device, I cannot see the ins and outs of the ES8:

Anybody get this to work yet?? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Windows 10
Pro Tools 12
Mbox 2 with drivers installed
ES8 with ES Windows driver installed
ASIO4ALL installed.
So I finally managed to figure it out. Posting here for posterity and to perhaps help someone in the future with the same issues cool

1. Install ASIO4ALL and make sure you have the Expert Sleepers ES8 windows drivers installed.
2. Launch Pro Tools but DO NOT LOAD INTO A SESSION. I was getting crashes and not responding errors when I tried to switch the Playback Engine from within a session. Switch the Playback Engine to ASIO4ALL then launch a new session.
2b. If launching Pro Tools and then switching to ASIO4ALL from outside a session does not work for you either, you can try holding the "N" key down while the Pro Tools splash screen launches. Then try switching your Playback Engine to ASIO4ALL.
3. Navigate to the Hardware setting and click on 'Launch Setup App' which will load the ASIO4ALL setup screen.
4. Click on the wrench icon to switch to the advanced mode in ASIO4ALL and make sure that you deselect any audio devices that you will not be using (for example, your motherboard's sound outputs).
5. Make sure that your audio interface's inputs and outputs are turned on and the ES8's inputs and outputs are also turned on by expanding the '+' icon next to the name.
6. In my case I had to deselect the Mbox2's SPDIF ins.

7. Under Setup->I/O->Input create a new path for each of the ES8's inputs. You can also rename your inputs at this point by clicking on them.

8. Under Setup->I/O->Output create four new paths to assign to the ES8's outputs.

9. Under Setup->I/O->Bus make sure your new ES8 outputs are turned on and visible.

10. If you are still having issues with loading up ASIO4ALL try going into the Windows Hardware and Sound settings and disabling any Playback and Recording devices that are also being used in your session.

This is what worked for me using Windows 10 with Pro Tools 12 and an Mbox2 with an ES8.

That's it!

Thanks for posting the solution.
@creativesounds would you mind taking a look at this thread?

Can you use the ES-8 OK without using asio4all?
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