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Recording through a 1073 (and more) - comprehension question
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Author Recording through a 1073 (and more) - comprehension question
Hey everyone,

I recently thought about to get that 1073 remake in the 500 format.
The reason why I thought 'bout to get these is that I'm recording everything through my (relatively boring) Midas Venice F32. I loved - and still do love - that desk for it's flexibility but I have to say that I'm tiered of the sound of these Preamps.
So I thought of maybe getting some more interesting external preamps. For example as I already wrote the 1073 remake, or maybe some other preamps for the lunchbox or maybe that 1073 stereo cassette. What ever.

So here comes my question:

I'm recording everything through the Firewire connection of the Midas Desk and into Ableton.
I was asking my self if I would get these external preamps and patching this or that sound source into them and then recording through the Midas Desk into Ableton it would make more less no sense 'cause I'm going through these Preamps of the desk again, right?
So I was think about to get a second and small USB interface which will be, if installed, also detected by Ableton. And then I can easily select the channel in the DAW on which I wan to record for example something through the external Preamp and push the button.
After everything's recorded I simply send it back via the Firewire option an the desk and have the signal on the cannel of my choice.

Does that make any sense or do I have some fallacies?
If you have line inputs (I don't know that board) they might bypass the preamps
You could always run the preamps into the return jack on the insert if you want to bypass the preamp. The board I work on doesn't have line inputs either so I end up doing this a lot when using external preamps. The only downside is that it bypasses the EQ section on the board. Not a huge deal for me as I'm not that heavy handed with EQ when tracking.

There's also nothing necessarily wrong with running through the Midas preamps with the pad engaged if the end result sounds good and it doesn't add too much extra noise.
Thanks for your answers so far.

Here you have a picture of the rear panel from the console: m/midasvenicef3205.jpg?V3f_JgG46bcyYhlLY5isiqPSQxwxMXxB=&itok=-bAfOV4Y

I have all my signals patched from the patch bay to the line ins. So this is the way I'm using the Preamps. So I guess you mean I should use the inserts to bypass the preamp, right?

For me the problem of the Midas preamp is that it has no character - or at least I'm tiered of the on these preamps have and I'm looking for something new. Like for example the Neve one.
What about channels 25-31? Don't they say "line in?" (A little blurry on my phone). So hopefully those bypass the preamps and would be fine for running the 1073 outputs into the Midas.
All channels have both line and mic inputs... I don't know about the F32, but the original (analog only and pre B€hrngr) Venice series would only have a pad on the mono channels and still route the line ins to the mic preamps. Not so on the stereo channels, those line ins bypass the mic pre (that would be 25-32 on the F32). Those are also the channels that have separate knobs for line gain and mic gain, which, as far as I can see, is the same on the F32... The Venice manual states to not connect to both mic and line inputs of a channel at the same time for the mono channels, which is another indicator that both inputs are routed to the preamp (you could check whether the F32 manual says something similar).

Hope that helps and cheers!
And of course the next question after you've figured that - what company 500 series?
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