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digitakt partner / sound processing + design / stand alone
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Author digitakt partner / sound processing + design / stand alone

I was thinking about a small partner for a Digitakt for external sound processing for sound design and as a stand alone synth.

I was considering maybe a 0-coast but then I've got inspired by reading this interesting storder=asc&start=0

It should be not bigger than 84HP.

What are your ideas for this project? Would be nice to hear some crazy ideas for this.

Here is my idea:
What exactly would you plan on doing with that combination of modules? Seems to be a lot of functions and basically no sound.
making samples for the Digitakt: sound processing from the Digitakt and from other devices

Digitakt as a controler
and this case as a stand alone mini synth

the Mini Slew and the Entity can produce sounds as well?

Then there is a phase shifter, ring mod, the ptg, a filter... for sound processing.
The Digitakt provides delay and reverb and some more effect...

I was just thinking about a small sound producing and processing expander for the Digitakt as an alternative for the 0-coast.

I really like to hear your ideas for this!
I like most of the modules that you have chosen! A couple of questions:

What is the quantizer for? You can't send midi data back to the digitakt with the uMidi, and the midi coming from the digitakt will already be quantized, so I'm not sure how you would use a quantizer.

I don't see a module that is going to gain-up the digitakt output to eurorack levels.

I don't see the point of the Rosie, as you can monitor incoming sound on the digitakt. I would replace Rosie with 1 or 2 ALM S.B.G. modules.

I would also replace the Doepfer module with something with more CV control and add at least 1 disting!
For more all around use, I would probably recommend just going with a Mutable Instruments voice.

In this order..

Tides or 2x Peaks or both.

If all you want weird stuff to use, fill that space with 4x different wavetable Oscillators, add a 4ms SISM, then pump that into the Digitakt.

Also, If you have the bread, get a Vermona TAI-4. It has 2x out and 2x in that would hook up to the Digitakt nicely.
The quantizer is for using it as well as a standalone mini-synth

There is a lack of a module which gives gain to an output signal (I thought the Rosie would and two ALM S.B.G. are as big as the Rosie but with less function?)

There are not many phaser modules outthere, true the Disting includes one. (somehow I don't like the Disting yet but without having it tried which is stupid.)

For the Tai-4 you'll need the a big stomach too...
I'm not sure about if one needs a DI box for in or out.

Hey, but what would be your
- standalone mini synth
- synth controlled by midi/Digitakt
- sound design and processing machine for Digitakt samples
- in 84HP?
I would focus it in on one or two of your desired uses and accomplish it more fully... 84 HP is not a lot for all those purposes to be satisfactory.

Also, consider a FH-1 instead of uMidi, because the Digitakt can use up to 8 midi tracks on all sorts of CCs, the uMidi seems a bit limited for this.

Also, consider a Rings module, its great for drum sounds, sound processing, and also standalone synth creation smile
Keep in mind you'll need to have a LFO or other CV source into the phaser to get any sweep/movement.
Infinity Curve
Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the modules above? You say you want to process sounds from Digitakt and possibly a standalone synth voice, but what you have is neither really?

At this point your only sound source above is a kick drum module(??) you have a midi to cv module(that puts out quantized CV so you DONT need the uscale), you have a gate sequencer(what do you need this for?? You can sequence gates with the umidi from the Digitakt), a quad channel gate delay(????) a ring mod with no other signal to feed it so you can actually use it(like another oscillator), a slew module, a cold mac(??) a phaser, a mult(what are you multing??) and an output.

This doesn't really accomplish either of your goals though.

The Rosie is fine for bringing modular levels DOWN to something line level gear can handle, but what others were questioning and pointing out above is you need a module to bring the output level of the Digitakt UP to the level the modular expects(much higher than line level).

If you are just looking for effects to run the digitakt through, you might be better off with pedals or rack units rather than eurorack. Certainly more cost effective.

I would strongly recommend doing some more research before you go down this road, it seems you are not very clear on what you need or what things do. You have a bunch of modules above that aren't going to do much together, and certainly not what you seem to want to do.
The Rosie is problematic in a couple of ways. It might have enough gain on the return input but there really isn't a way to get the return back into the modular, as it only is routed to the headphone and TRS jack. So it's basically backwards.

With Rosie, you take your modular sounds, route them to an external FX, and mix the external FX back into your main mix.

What you would like to do is process the digitakt's sound with the modular. Using the modular as the FX send and the digitakt as the source.

The intellijel audio interface II is more like something you want, but it seems that can be accomplished by two S.B.G.s. Maybe the best setup is to purchase the 84hp 4U from intellijel with the built-in audio interface.

EDIT: I think a lot of folks are confusing the SSF PTG with an SSF Propogate. The PTG makes perfect sense here, it can be used for many things, including an envelope follower, cv generator, LPG and waveshaping/distortion. I also fully support the inclusion of the Entity, because in addition to being a drum source to sample into the digitakt, it can be used as a filter, waveshaper, etc.
If I were doing this I'd focus on analog modules. Let the DT do the sequencing (no need for the uStep). I'd want the most badass dual filter I could afford, maybe an envelope follower, probably a couple function generators (pair of Envelators?), a couple VCOs that go into LFO rates (Dixies?), and a dual VCA that has nice overdrive characteristics. Might be able to fit all that in 84 HP.
The PTG can be a function generator, an envelop follower etc.
damase wrote:
I would focus it in on one or two of your desired uses and accomplish it more fully... 84 HP is not a lot for all those purposes to be satisfactory.

excatly my thought as well while reading up to this point of the thread !
focus on processing OR sound and noise making...........

geremyf wrote:

What you would like to do is process the digitakt's sound with the modular. Using the modular as the FX send and the digitakt as the source.

............well, a compromise could be just to add one capable wavetable VCO for the part of the sound/noise generation !
in fact thats what id´d do with 84 HP.

i have a DT myself, i am planning *right now* to build one, two or three very small eurorack setups/racks that will incorporate the DT.
i have several ideas for setups: drumvoices only, controlled by the DT.
a sound processing rack to process the signals from the DT. Yup. a badass filter has to go in there !.
the third one i´d like to have: a VERY small rack around the Reflex live loop.

Tides or Peaks are good tipps as they can act as "beat-clockable" AD/LFO.
my filter will be the Aperture as i have it and like it.
skiff friendly Envelope follower is subject to be purchased.
controll modules: FH-1.....shuttle control is in debate if i should get one.
The reflex live looper is now midi controllable and will do for itself, i think. pico rack alert wink
a DLD would suit perfectly in any of those concept ideas.
i´ll see, .................the racks are subject to be built Dead Banana
I will echo what others have said in that you will want a sound generating voice of some kind. So probably an osc + filter and/or vca.

I am using the digitakt with a midi to cv interface and one of the most fun things to do with it is to control a monophonic voice patch with conditional trigs. If you set multiple midi tracks on the digitakt to the same midi channel and use conditional trigs to set different probability values to each note then you have an easy way to create controlled randomness on a sequence. The digitakt midi plays multiple notes at a time but the midi to cv outputs a monophonic line using 'most recent' note priority. Sounds complex but the workflow is really easy.

Btw, I have a ssg ptg and often find it hard to get the sweet spots but in this case would say it actually might be quite useful as a companion to the digitakt. It is able to gain signals from the digitakt to modular levels but also can be used as a vca or even to generate envelopes from audio triggers from the digitakt.
Thank you for all your great comments!
Your ideas are so inspiring and various. Almost too much and I was about to 'zen me in' and to abandon the idea of a small versatile Digitakt companion.

But Supergregg brought me back to a more straight forward path to find a nice elegant solution.
may be like this I can produce and process nice sounds for sampling and can also use it as a synth controlled by the Digitakt

I'm not sure about about the Planar...

Paranormal Patroler
I'd lose the Planar and go for something like this

Being able to manipulate bands and use the envelope follower outputs to control other parts of what's going on is pure gold
Wow, I like it.
The Addac Filterbank has also Line Input plus the Ladik input the synth has stereo input.

EDIT: With attenuation also line level stereo out?
Hmm. It is a good though. Maybe the 4ms smr would be a bit more versatile. It would also be another source to sample for the digitakt.
Paranormal Patroler
mg05 wrote:
Wow, I like it.
The Addac Filterbank has also Line Input plus the Ladik input the synth has stereo input.

EDIT: With attenuation also line level stereo out?

You can do that in a passive way, no need to eat up HP. The Ladik 4HP module which brings modular level down to line level is passive, I sometimes keep it outside the case.

I'd go for envelope followers for sure. Personally I like how the 601 can kill bands (playable) with switches and that it provides a lot of outputs (mix, wet, odd, even). Lots of ground between the Envelope outputs and the available CV inputs for each band.

I also own the Serge Resontant EQ which covers similar ground, but it would eat up too much of your space. What I'm trying to say is I think these types of modules would definitely compliment your digitakt nicely.
On the Octatrack you can set the input level in the mixer section, just turn it down! Does the Digitakt not have the ability to handle modular level signals like the Octatrack?
I think you'd be a lot better losing the SSF transient gate and getting an oscillator x 2.

Normal oscialltors are also the core of a lot of drum sounds as well as basslines and leads, i think your going to be dissapointed if you don't put osciallators in personally.

Watch Tobi Neuman make this kickdrum from a normal oscialltor, i used this method with my DPO last night and made one of the best kicks i ever made and i dont even have more than one vca right now or a mixer, seriously, grab a decent osXillator! I think a envelope AD will do will also make your system make better percussion. I dont know much about the SSF entity if it has ability to make some other stuff than a kick and 909 style bass tone?
I like the small system with the ADDAC 601 !

The 4ms smr is a bit too big and seems to me a bit opaque.

For my purpose there are enough internal sound sources. The sff entity alone seems to be promising.

I want to process external sounds too and then feed them into the Digitakt.

I think I could route the external signal via the Digitakt into the system and then back to the Digitakt for line level control. I can do this live.
But It's not only the Digitakt and the modular synth and I'll have to see how to use all the signal in's + out's economically.

I'm planning now a small but heavy mobile live performance orientated all-in-one 6Ux10U rack for travelling with vehicle (1U rack mixer, 1U multi effect, 1U power, 2U Nordlead4. On the top 6U Vesa mounted Digitakt + one more pedal 3U modular synth and 1U patchbay for easy routing the signals)

no computers, no more updates ... just need to connect to a power generator and speakers then enjoying the beach sunset ... I will send a post card and a pic of the rack then smile
No offense (and I truly mean it!)

but I really think you should just start with the 0-Coast like you first said. It's got a ton of functions, can be told what to do by the DT via midi...

WAY less expensive than your prospective cases. If you like where things are going, consider a 84hp compliment. I've been down this road before thinking two things are going to "talk" to each other before, sometimes they do/don't/or I don't feel like working out the kinks and abandon.

$500 in is a lot better than at least a thousand you'll be in on a case+modules. I'd confirm you like the workflow of DT<->0-Coast before diving in headfirst on an expensive set of modules.
I like the 0-coast it's small which I like and it does nice things.

But I have to deal with my gear addiction... I already own some modules... So with this modular synth above I wouldn't just spend more then 2000 'only' a thousand hmmm.....

In the case I don't like the 0-coast or the workflow what I will do with 0-coast? Leave it in a box?

In the case I don't like the configuration of the modular synth what then? The modules I can hoard them or mix them new and wire myself, trying new things and become voltage controlled.
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