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Boss Katana amps
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Author Boss Katana amps
Jason Brock
Anyone have a Katana? What do you think? Have you also tried running synths or other things through it?
I'm considering the 100 1x12 combo as a step up from my little THR10. After listening to a lot of demos and reading reviews, I can't find anything wrong with it, the sounds I'm hearing are excellent.

One specific thing I'm wondering about is bass response, particularly on other nstruments besides guitar. It does have an aux input on the back, but the speaker is not "full range". I also have a Vox T-60 bass combo, and sometimes I like to run synths or drum samples through it to give them a bit of liveliness. The Vox can really pump out a nice kick drum. I wouldn't expect the open-back Katana to be quite as good at that as a bass amp, but I'd like to know if anyone has tried such a thing with them.
I've heard some great sounding demos online, but when I tried one in the store I couldn't really get any basic sounds I liked. But maybe that's just lack of time to learn how to dial it in. Despite all the bad press, I also tried one of the tiny Fender GT40's and really liked it, enough to buy one. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as a main amp, but for my purposes, as just a low volume practice amp, it works great. Doesn't wake up the wife, unlike the Mesa Boogie, which makes the police arrive anytime after 10 PM even at it's lowest volume setting.
Jason Brock
Thanks for the opinion. I'd probably never need the Katana's loudness, so I'll just stick with my THR10. I've even gotten some decent sounds plugging the headphone out of the THR into my Vox bass amp, if I'm in the mood to wake the neighbors.

That Fender looks nice, but with the screen and alpha dial it's probably more complicated than what I want. And no Mids EQ? That's what interested me in the Katana, it seems simple and straightforward like the THR, just in a bigger package.
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