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Qu-SB instead of a regular soundcard ?
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Author Qu-SB instead of a regular soundcard ?
Is there any reason why I'd choose a soundcard over this mixer and soundcard ?

I've looked at a few, most of the ones I'm looking at have 8 line input , this offers 16 plus various routing options. I'm not very interested in it's live capability or its effects , other than saving cpu by levelling on the way in.

I've been looking at things like the Clarett pre8 and those sort of cards are all around the same price.

A side question, is it only the Qu-Pac that has direct wifi or does the SB have it too, or will I need an Ethernet connection ?
i have the qupac and i really like it, though i don't use the wifi option much.

it's an awesome bang for you buck mixer/interface...though it's Digital to Analog conversion doesn't sound all that.

Analog to Digital is good tho.
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