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English Tear with Metasonix R-55
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Author English Tear with Metasonix R-55
Almost called this "English Tear with Metasonix Gear" but that'd be a painful unintended rhyme!

I'm looking at the English Tear to specifically interface the R-55 with pitch CVs from sequencers and keyboards.
I don't need it to be in tune or even follow chords, just have discernible changes in sound from note to note.

- Has anyone used English Tear with an R-55?
- I know the R-55 has a limited range so I'm wondering how easy it is to configure, if needed.

Other option is the Expert Sleepers Disting (mk3 or mk4) but I'd really love the ET to work instead.

THANKS for any insight on this.
I haven't used an English Tear nor a disting, I only have an ES-4 and an ES-8 but the easiest way BY FAR to get the R-55 to track is to patch a Square Wave to it's Pitch Input.

The range is decent. Anything you need over 3khz can be added in to the signal if you really need it ex:

12khz sinewave from another oscillator ---> Mixer <--- R-55 1.5hkz
R-55 space taking letters for this to fit ---> Wavefolder ---> Mixer <--R-55 (mult output)
CopperHydra: Thank you!

I opted instead for an Acidlab MS2 (which was fairly tricky to find but I love the limited function; just does cv-hz conversion exactly just like a Korg MS-02) - working very well but it did take a minute to find the ranges.

Way I'm doing things:

1) Gate of sequencer into R55 VCA
2) CV of sequencer > attenuator > slew > MS2 into R55 input
(attenuation and slew help calibrate the inputing CV for conversion)
3) R55 out to RK3 for waveshaping - Mixer

Sounds really sizzling and terrific.

I do notice the R55 has a little more teeth in its waveform with straight CV (no Hz conversion) but you lose the variety of pitch variation; so I have a switch set up to jump from the MS2 to a straight CV input of a square wave back and forth. This stuff is so great to work with; I love the process of thinking about it.
The best way to make a thyratron VCO track (""track"") is with a short pulse waveform from a regular vco, then adjust the volume of the pulse for "best results" whatever that is.

I need to post something about Ethan's comic site on Facebook...."Trump Tracts" didn't get enough attention last year.
Yes Powder
I use an English Tear with the R-55 and R-54. It works reasonably well, but its Exponential Converter's idle voltage (i.e., 0V in) is a bit high for the R-55 so you'll need to apply a little negative offset to its output; otherwise, you'll only be able to get 5 or 6 semitones out of it at best.
With negative offset applied, you should be able to get 2 octaves and change.
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