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Your favorite Random Module
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Author Your favorite Random Module
What is your favorite or most used random module? If you could only use one which would it be? I've been using the Sputnik West Coast Random Source and it's one of my favorite modules because its wide capabilities, but it's getting to the point where i either need to trade off large HP modules or get another case which i really don't want to do. Any recommendations of an equivalent or superior module?

I have my eye on the verbos random sampling but it's very pricy. I've used the wogglebug on other peoples systems and not really liked it, but without owning one its hard to grasp the capability.
The SSF URA is a great random module in 10hp.
Get a Doepfer A-149. It's half of the West Coast Random/ Buchla 266.
The Verbos Random Sampling is my favorite random module for the ASR (or independent S&Hs), two channels of uncorrelated CV/gate, interesting noise sources, quantized random voltages. It's really jam packed with features, but could be overkill in a smaller system.

The Wogglebug V2 is also easy to recommend. I often overlook the audio outputs, but have gotten some utility out of them as snare noises and texture to add to a patch. I love its clock output -- I use it as my master clock most of the time. If I could only have one, it would be this.

You can also patch a Smooth and Stepped Generator for random, but it's not as immediate as a dedicated random module and it's bigger than the random sampling and wogglebug v2. The SSG has uses beyond random, of course...
I wanna try that Verbos oh so badly! Love the WB2, but really wanna try that thang.
SSF URA might be my favorite module ever.
I got Chance Recently and it is super useful like all of my patches, it's got stuff for everything. Super Super useful.
Positive Modular Attitude
SSF Ura!! All the way. I also have the Doepfer A-149-1, and they complement each other beautifully. All the random I need and more!
a shortwave radio -> Phonogene -> Streams envelope/Freq follower or Ear, put a S&H befind for a stepped output screaming goo yo hihi

wogglebug is cool because of the smooth, and noisering to catch and repeat patterns on the fly
I've got a Wogglebug and URA but my Nanorand needs a shout out too. Every rig should have one. Simple and does a nice line in 'predictable' random hihi

But the best is the Ladik clocked random module that does 3 channels of random gate and 3 channels of random triggers in 4HP. So useful.
I quite like the nanorand, with the pulse control of mode switch and the variable amount of clock multiplication bursts out the gate output (triplets are a welcome feature!) plus 4hp is hard to beat.
a shortwave radio


With S&H, filters & enveloppe follower, it's the coolest noise & random source you can have.
I've got Noisering, M149 and ADDAC 501 complex random. The Addac is my favorite. CV on the range of randomness and 4 independent channels. You know exactly what to expect.
High Wolf
+1 for Wogglebug V2. So useful, it's in every patch really.
High Wolf wrote:
+1 for Wogglebug V2. So useful, it's in every patch really.

For discrete random changes by triggers/gates, Ladik R-120 (4hp) is my favorite. It generates quantized/unquantized random cv's, the center and range of which can be manually or voltage controlled. Followed by a slew limiter, I can simulate something like smoothed random voltage. An interesting feature is that with a low center and high range setting , it can calculate a negative value, for which it "folds" the value with respect to either 0v or 5v. For the latter setting, we can obtain a sequence of sudden jumpy random cv's!
+1 for the Wogglebug V2. So useful.

That said, I’d rather ditch the audio outs (which I hardly ever use) and have more voltage options (which I often run short on). Or maybe I’ll just try switching to a Sapèl, instead!
I seem to need less and less explicit random these days-
o_C / Batumi (when set up with enough complexity) is enough for me-
my ADDAC501 is nice though.

Ian Fritz has some interesting chaotic designs I should delve into- anyone have any favorites of his?
MN Wiard Wogglebug, crazier than V2
Chance, wogglebug, Nano Rand, Modcan Quad LFO and Octocontroller random outs also good.
Infinity Curve
ERD/y or URA
Harvestman Polivoks Modulator for me. Yeah, it seems boring, but it's got the useful feature of having a square out and a reversed-phase square out. So when I use the Modulator as my master clock, I can have one event on the beat, and another event on the half-beat.
Another vote for the A-149 and Ultra Random Analog combo....
Batumi with the alternative firmware.
I'm using the A-149-1/2 combo along with the Batumi with the expert firmware. More than enough for me right now.
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