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Trouby Modular
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Author Trouby Modular
New player in 5U?

Interesting. Some unique modules but they have a very "unfinished" DIY/prototype look to them. hmmm.....
Just me
Yeah, like they have shirtboard faces. But some cool ideas for a DIY project.
They're offering these for sale already? In this half baked state? And the contact page on the web site doesn't worK? What kind of person would buy this kind of stuff? Why am I asking so many questions?
The operand A and B knobs are particularly funny.

I recall seeing a couple of trouby modules sold on eBay a few months ago. They sold really cheaply. I assumed they were someone's DIY work. This site is kind of sad.

Just noticed your sig Brian. w00t
Of course it doesn't make as much sense since you changed your avatar...
So give him a new quote...
what a surprise woah i'm getting discussed here.
it's just all is founding progress................

some are in prototype state with little flaws. shirtboard faces, yes - color anthrazit. and it's DIY like curetronic for example.

the modules which gone cheap at ebay where the trigger sequencer with the famous step error (1st clock pulse after reset jumps to step 2 - fixed for sure) - and the other where to check how good they sell.

the knobs of the math trigger - GDR NVA (army) knobs, a design desaster, i know Mr. Green
Muff Wiggler
trouby wrote:
the knobs of the math trigger - GDR NVA (army) knobs, a design desaster, i know Mr. Green

actually i fuckin' LOVE those knobs!!

welcome to the forum SlayerBadger! looks like some awesome ideas in some of those modules
In spite of my ribbing, it's way better than I could ever do.
I've still got a Klee kit sitting here from like 2 years ago. seriously, i just don't get it
Bryan B
The clock and Math modules seem very interesting to me. Thanks for posting the side view of the guts (to show these modules are real) and for posting your response.

It may come off harsh, but the responses on here are honest reactions that could help you refine your designs to something that a wider range of people would like to buy or build.
doctorvague wrote:
Just noticed your sig Brian. w00t
Of course it doesn't make as much sense since you changed your avatar...

It was still a very nice compliment. oops hihi

I'd like to amend my earlier comments - on seeing a bit of what's behind these things, they look well engineered for the most part (from what I can see).

The front panels look incredibly bad, as if no design thought went into them, but if that's a deliberate look, then fine, I'm all for it. I'm pretty sure you're aware that there are ways of affixing pcb standoffs to the backs of panels without running bolts through the front - that looks really tacky to me, but again, maybe that's just me.

I'm glad you got the contact section of the web page working - that is always a bit worrisome when you can't contact someone for details.

Overall, I'd say the prices are really good - if that compensates for the lack of front panel design, then its all good!
the front panels are the most expensive part. some protos are in the case.
the black are direct-printed, but it makes no sense. the anthazit - 1st shiny, now not - are printed car foils.
and you got it: lasercut & elox printing is expensive.

to ebay: who buys the retail price of a still unknown product of an unknown manufaturer?

the main site is - listed there what i do smile
Best success to you!
Killer module ideas. I like the military/50's aesthetic. Heavy duty. The guts look nice too. Best of luck Guinness ftw! .
domain ordered and still working at the design:
Id be willing to do panels forya wink
site updated - 2 new modules & new pictures.
I don't mean to be "that guy," but if this is something you are truly considering pursuing to a professional extent, I really think it behooves you to have some panels made professionally. Modular users are more often than not a finicky bunch (just ask STG about his "non-standard" panels and the complaint/purchase ratio), and having a panel that doesn't appeal will honestly turn off a huge amount of people.

Luigi (tragedybysyntax, who posted above) has been churning out some truly interesting and quality work for very solid prices. I'm sure he would cut you a deal as well if there's potential for consistent and regular sales of particular panel designs. Perhaps see if he would throw together a couple professional panels for you, then start displaying your newly fabbed-up modules around the 5U forum with some video demos. I honestly expect that the reactions you'll receive will be dramatically improved.

I'm not meaning to come off as negative - your designs look unique and interesting, particularly in the 5U format, and I would love to see another manufacturer with new ideas in the 5U scene. I think there are aspects which may not seem important from a practical standpoint but do matter from a sales standpoint, and I think that appearances are often far more important than people think in terms of sales to the modular crowd, particularly in the 5U realm.
a newer front design is is progress.
epinasty can do this for blank metal & blank lines - bright case.
have to offer 2 variations: black eloxated metal & metal lines.
does anybody have these in the US? i want to try em out. trouby, is that you selling on ebay?
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