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On recording without DAW and merging parts together
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Author On recording without DAW and merging parts together
Hi. Some time ago i used Ableton with my synth, so it was pretty comfortable to send midi from PC into synth, and then audio goes back into soundcard, and in the end you get your audio recorded totally in a right place of track where you wanted to have it.

But how do you, folks, do things without DAW-alike workflow, maybe even as hardcore as tape recording etc.

What i mean, if you have you step-sequencer in your modular and use it instead of triggering from keyboard or external sequencer or something, and if you write something where melody changes each several bars, so you have different sequences on for your stepseq which you need to record several times in this or that order, and it also should be made with perfect timing so you don't have "holes" between one line recorded and the following one, also those two lines are not too close to each other. How would you do that? Just thinking about this, ability of having automatic record in place of pianoroll midi in your daw sounds like luxury.
= you don't have 5 minutes of pianoroll, instead you have your 8/16 steps hardware sequencer which you record into tascam or zoom or something? and you change sequence each bar or several bars yet you need to record it like its just one line goes and goes = flawlessly without shorter/longer pauses between each pattern recording.
Zealot Vague
When I was a kid and I didn't know anything about anything and all I had was a few free Win95 softsynths with 16-step sequencers and a wave editor, I'd record a bunch of 16 note sequences into .wav files and copy/mix them into a song .wav file open in the wave editor which I was effectively using as a two-track DAW (though I didn't know anything about DAWs). I would decide on a bpm number and then use a calculator to find what millisecond point in the wave editor timeline to insert sequences in. I still have one song.wav built so somewhere, split across six or seven HD floppies.

I wouldn't want to do that again...

edit: what I mean to say is why make things harder than they need to be? DAWs are a godsend.
what I mean to say is why make things harder than they need to be? DAWs are a godsend.

Well, i'm preparing myself a "back-up plan" for a future that might happen if i'll buy something like "small modular setup that has sequencer module but no CV 2 Midi"... yes i dream about banana minisystem, i mean MY ASS IS BLEEDING and how it would be usable for a time duration until i'll expand it to something external.

Yeah, your suggestion looks similar to that only option of "have two tracks: on one track record metronome, on other track insert your synth recordings; then align your recordings to be in time with clicks on that track, and then delete metronome track leaving your recordings placed in time".
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