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Fighting with limitations: faking ratcheting
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Author Fighting with limitations: faking ratcheting

So currently i use something... which doesn't have clock dividers; doesn't have clock multipliers; doesnt have voltage controlled/sequential switches; doesn't have "shift" inputs on sequencer and all those fancy stage select/triggers etc.

Sounds a bit like a nightmare in this case, yeah? Yet it's currently my main workflow and i wanna break its limits as much as i can.

So there is "crossfade" with two inputs and amount controller. I connect two sequencer nodes into 1st and 2nd input, sequences are same just 2nd seq has 2x faster rate. There is no point of using LFO for controlling amount here as it would be just on/off between two sequences, so i add third sequencer node as controller of amount between which sequence is choosed. That somehow gives something, but... It doesnt truely do what i try to achieve as master sequencer gives fixed time for mute/unmute 1st or 2nd sequencers; while in ratcheting AFAIK those retriggers doesn't come at a cost of original sequence, but add themself to it... + some problems with adsr in such setup as i have to trigger it with each sequencer and also alternate between 1st and 2nd.

So, if you suddenly have any thoughts, i'd be happy to read.

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