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Cwejman DLFO vs. RM2?
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Author Cwejman DLFO vs. RM2?
From my research on Cwejman modules, his oscillators in particular, they seem to all go from LFO to audio 1vt/oct. Awesome. So if anyone had the DLFO and the RM2 dual oscillators, what is the difference really? I just got a DLFO (Thanks mojoman), and was pleasantly surprised to see that it will track 1vt/oct in audio mode with the different waveforms. So maybe some Cwejman owners could clear this confusion up? I was thinking about going for a RM2 eventually, but now I think the VCO-6 may be the way to go if I get a Cwejman "oscillator" wince the DLFO seems almost like a RM2 from what I have read.

BTW, all the Cwejman modules seem to track very well. Surprisingly well on things like the stereo ringmod, LFO in audio mode, and even the MMF-1 filter. The precision and super tightness (some call it coldness) seems to complement the looser freer PlanB modules very well in my system.
I assume you mean the VCO-2RM and not the RM2S Ring Modulator. There are like three Cwejman modules that do Ring Mod.

I had both the VCO-2RM and D-LFO and after selling the VCO I kept the DLFO and sometimes used it as an osc. I still never liked that there were not separate outputs for the waveforms (Something the VCO-6 fixes) and the D-LFO has just one CV input each side, no fine tuning, so not real functional as an osc. Also, there are no LED's on the D-LFO and I hated that more than ever especially since if your patch doesn't seem to be sounding like it's working you can't just look at the LED's on the LFO to see what speed it's at and if it's powered on even. I like using the much cheaper MFB dual LFO's with their multi crossing CV internal patching way more.
Yup I was wondering about the VCO-2RM. I looked more carefully, like with my eyes open, and see the fine tuning and the FM stuff as well as the outputs you mentioned. How is the FM sound on it? Is it a bit sterile or does it FM anywhere near as nice as a couple M15s? The lack of LEDs is annoying on the DLFO, he did things right with the PH-4 tho. Would be nice if the DLFO had a couple LEDs, even nicer if they were polarized like some of the PlanB module LEDs.
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