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Travelling modular - now finished (with 11 videos)
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Author Travelling modular - now finished (with 11 videos)

I have just started travelling with my battery powered eurorack modular synth.

I have written about it previously in the "Gatherings" section - - if you are in Norway/UK, I will still be happy to meet you. You can find more details in that post.

Anyway, yesterday evening I have arrived to Bergen and I have shot my first video - mostly to check whether everything works:).

Here is the first video:

I will add the future videos to this thread as well.
A new one from today. I have spent a nice sunny afternoon on a small pier on Lille Lungegårdsvannet- small lake in the center of Bergen.

I have even made first two fans - two policewomen came by and asked what I am doing there and for my name and ID - and noted everything down. Probably to find me later on the internet and follow me!

If you've never seen a modular rig before, it does look like you might be doing something sinister, like building a bomb...

Nice little jam...
Nice place with a view on harbor and passing boats. Unfortunately, not even one has passed during the recording.

I was sitting there for almost two hours, then I became a bit worried about the darkening clouds - I don't think my modular likes rain! - so I decided to speed up the recording.

I like the third jam best. Som kind of chopped and screwed hip hop beat.

Nice views in general, Bergen is beautiful. smile
verrrrry cool stuff. thank you!
Great concept! The Bergen Lake track is my favourite so far!
Entertaining thumbs up
Like how you in the end unplug the modular and records the ambiance.
Thanks for the encouraging words!

I have been hiking for the past ten days in the mountains - and I left my modular at coast, it would not be a good companion to the norwegian swamps and snow-fields.

Here is a song I recorded just before we left to the mountains. It is slower, more ambient, I tried to meet the mood of the fjord and the darkening skye above it. I am quite happy with it!

It was already getting dark yesterday when I decided to create something. After the previous song, which was more melodic, I was in a mood for more dark, sci-fi atmosphere.

I was hitchhiking and a nice couple going to their cabin left me in the middle of the mountains. I liked the place very much so I decided to make a break and record something.

The break was probably too long, because I didn't make it to my destination until the evening and had to spend a night in a tent.

(It is more "weird sounds" than "music")

It was raining today - so I took a rest day from travelling and spent most of it at Justinas place - my couchsurfing host. I created this "dance" track in the afternoon.

I have spent the past three days at Norberg electronic music festival which was located at an old mining facility.

Some of the performances at the festival were drones - and I decided to create one drone myself when leaving the festival.

Liked and subscribed. Keep it up. Great stuff.
I tried to create a complex rhythmic self-playing patch in this small forest just after sunset in the small Swedish town Enköping

These are great! Looking forward to more posts.
I am being hosted in Stockholm by Rafael, who offered me to stay with him on muffwiggler - and he also plays on a modular and other electronic instruments.

I tried to experiment and play with his Bastl Kastle.

We found this nice lake in Snowdonia national park in Wales in the evening. But before I set up my patch, it got pretty dark - that's why there is a photo taken by a long exposure and only a small video in the corner:).

The colors coming off your modules are better than a xmas tree. Another nice vid!
i really like these. #4 is my favorite, but i'm digging them all. nice to see such a range of sounds from a small box.
msmithsp and jsco, thanks for your kind words!

I am now back home from my travels after five weeks on the road, so the series is at least for now complete. It was fun to have modular with me during the travels - and I learned a lot about my instrument as well.
Hello there,

An uncommon part of the framework is having 3 Sensory Translators which takes into account genuine stereo preparing and audio visualization. My genuine use-case for three is an electroacoustic sythesis I'm dealing with for a trio of acoustic instruments, and the stereo use is only an upbeat mishap.

The cases are set up in an odd design right now. At first, I had the double kept running of Color Chords, Polar Fringe, Mapper, and Marble Index across the board case to take into account at any rate six RGB ways (two for every side of the Visual Cortex) to be in the blend without a moment's delay. In any case, this left the greater part of the sign age modules in different cases. I needed to attempt to make an arrangement where after all other options have been exhausted, one Vessel could complete a touch of everything, and that is the thing that the base case is right now. You can see that the base Vessel has two Passages in it, thus does the center case. I think a Passage for every line isn't requesting excessively. Despite the fact that they are not fixed up in this image, when I build up a fix, I in the end need the blending abilities that they offer, and they do it with splendid nuance.

Truly, a Passage, Bridge, and Arch in EVERY column is the way I intend to roll. Particularly once I migrate these modules into my Goike Studio case. At the point the thought I have is for the Goike to resemble a library, and the Vessels like book packs to convey things forward and backward to exhibitions.
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