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Lumen live performance questions
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Author Lumen live performance questions

I am veeeery new to video synthesis, all my knowledge comes from the Lumen web tutorials, as well as some stuff I have playd with using Vizzie inside max/msp. I really want to get into this fabulous world and thought of maybe trying to get something working for a gig I have with my band in late september.

At the moment I have Lumen's demo version and I am getting really nice and amazing visual stuff out of it (a mxture of noodling around and very basic understanding of what is going on). I know at one point I will probably build the LZX Cadet series as they are very economic and I already have quite a big eurorack audio system. But I now have a some questions regarding Lumen and how I could implemented in a live situation

I am going to gig with my laptop with Ableton sequencing the modular and a Volca Keys and a guitar.

How would I go about having Lumen more or less doing generative stuff with the setup I will be using? I wont have many hands to be actually playing the synth except for maybe some specific moments, so I guess I could somehow be sequencing Lumen through Ableton? Also, what would be a good way of adding extra efx or even just muting the video output? I have tried to download Syphone (without knowgin too much about how it works) but I cannot find a good link in their webpage. I am not that crazy about synced visuals (that would be cool, but not a priority atm), I just want some nice psychedelic and dark visuals. I am also considering buying a cheap webcam to use as an input and have it pointing at the singer or the audience.

Sooooo a lot of nob questions as I am an absolute noob (literally started yesterday), but I would love to be able of doing this live and have as a sort of "generative" video synth I can control at times and mute (so I can maybe easily change preset or whatever).

I have also considered buying a 3instr(sic) kit, but I feel that will be more limited and more fiddly, though I reckon once this concert is over, I will probably try to get into hardware video synthesis

Oh, by the way! I will be using a benq mx802st projector, I guess its not the best qualitywise, but thats what I have.

I might also be interested in doing this same thing with max/msp as I am not fully sure Ill have my macbook with me on september. Though I find Lumen is much easier and much more similar to an actual "video synth" (as in LZX), so better to learn how everything works
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