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FH1 LFO/clock sync issues
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Author FH1 LFO/clock sync issues
I'm having a few issues using my FH1 to clock my euro system from my Octatrack & Ableton(separately and at different times of course). I've tested this using my Octatrack, but I've also confirmed this same behavior using ableton.

here is what I've got setup:

Output 8 as clock(square wave LFO set to output clock with a setting of 64) I've got that working fine.

Output 7 as the reset(square wave LFO set to 57 for 8 step sequence) kind of works.

Menu D set to stop LFO's when clock stops.

I'm getting square waves out of both outputs, but when I hit play, the sequence usually plays 9-10 steps before resetting the first time around, then after that it usually does 8 steps and resets on time. I've tried this with other reset settings(every 4 steps/3 steps/16 steps/6 steps) and it's pretty consistent, the first loop of the sequence will often(but not always) add 1-2 extra steps, then loop on time. Sometime it even resets early but thats more rare.

So what am I doing wrong and why is it not syncing?
There are dedicated functions for resets - see
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