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Diy suitcase
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Author Diy suitcase
I'm starting my eurorack journey with building my own case, so i thought i would share my progress. Hopefully it will be done in the next few weeks.

So far i've gathered all the parts needed to build the case and power supply. It'll be a suitcase style case 6U 84hp with about 60mm depth for the modules. Wooden structure with pu leather on top. Detachable lid with those beautiful butterfly locks. To power the case i got hold of some recom rac10 that doepfer uses in their mini power supply. I think that all in all it'll be around 250€ for the material, incl power.

Anyway, here is a first cad of the case.

Im also thinking making some kind of stand that can be stored inside the case lid. Still figuring out how that will look, but something like this.

Im going tho cnc the wood just to try out the process, i tried it out with the mounting brackets earlier today. I'll also use 3d printing where needed, but as little as possible. Here is what i have so far.

If anyone has wrapped this type of case in pu leather, please feel free to post any suggestions on techniques and what to think about while doing it. Cheers!
ok, I'll just keep on rambling then smile cncd all the wood and glued it all together last night. next step is to paint the insides and wrap the fake leather.

thumbs up
Love these threads!
If you're good with glue, how about Tolex? The plastic stuff that guitar amps are covered with:

Tolex images:
Yea thats what I'm using, I'm guessing toolex is some type of polyurethane. But what I'm worried about are the showing edges, the ones that I don't want to hide under hardware. Ive looked in to how others have wrapped their cases, but not really confident in any of the techniques used. You often see how the edges have been torn loose if theres just glue holding it together. Anyway, I'm giving it a shot later this afternoon. After that and some drilling, its pretty much done Guinness ftw!
Spent the whole evening working on the case. First layer of paint, applying toolex and some of the hardware.

The toolex wasn't that hard to handle, contact glue worked fine and i used a very sharp exacto knife to remove the excess. Actually quite happy with the results!

Im not really pleased with only one layer of paint inside the case. The glossy dots of paint was the result of patching up some cracks in the wood with a filler, which i didn't foresee. So i'll have to do something about them. Not sure if more paint is the best way to go.

There's still some glue residue and spill on the paint, which i didn't bother removing since ill have to fix the paint issue. Other than that, whats left is the rubber feet, additional brackets, a handle, attaching the power supply and some soldering.
Looks awesome applause
Nice work, looks really great.

Can we see it full of modules when you get to that stage as well?
Thanks! I'll post some pictures when the case is done and then some when I get some modules in it. Reckon that it will take some time to fill the whole thing.
That looks ace. Tolex is really nice to work with.
Looks neat - nice work!

You'll have the case filled soon enough, and anything unsightly to you will be invisible. Allow yourself that imperfection Guinness ftw!

I was going to use Tolex, but my DIY case from Ross Lamond has a lip round the top for the two halves to fit together. Can't think of a way to get a clean finish - so it's stain only for me.
I got recommended to put some foam in the lid and cut out a second layer to fit some other useful gear in it. Which wouldn't necessary rules out my initial plan to later store a case stand there. Maybe ill leave the area behind the modules as is for now, that'll just remind me to fill the damn thing razz

Does anybody have any suggestion on how to attach patching cables inside the lid? Just bunched together. Maybe some kind of simple rubber band solution would work just fine.

1n wrote:

I was going to use Tolex, but my DIY case from Ross Lamond has a lip round the top for the two halves to fit together. Can't think of a way to get a clean finish - so it's stain only for me.

Yea I see what you mean. You'll have to get rid of at least 1mm material where the toolex would go, depending on how thick the toolex is and to keep some space for tolerances. If the wood is thinner than ~12mm, that may be hard to do. A router is my new favourite power tool, maybe that could help? I'm no expert but it helped me a lot keeping the outer radiuses even while building this thing. And I was a first time user. If you can do that, then I don't think the actual wrapping wouldn't be much difficult than a regular box. Just apply some heat and force!
Last pieces are now in place. Got some 10mm hardish foam to put in the lid and i painted the back of the case one more time after sanding down the glossy spots. Finally happy with the results! w00t

Also cut out a temporary stand for the case, the little triangle which i just squeezed in between the two halves. Its not super reliable but works just fine if the case is on a flat surface. I will improve on that part later on, i think it would work perfect if its just a bit wider than it is now.

Now lets fill this thing! Guinness ftw!
impressive. I like your back support leg!
amazing! Guinness ftw!

Now i want a case like this hehe
mokomo thanks! happy with the much simpler stand design smile effective though!

bougie build one! compared to other cases, this was a steal!
nice work - any tips on where to get the hardware (hinges, corners and butterfly clips)?.

also what thickness plywood did you use and how is the weight of the case?
I got all the hardware of eBay, although the seller was in america, i figured that would be my cheapest option to get the stuff i wanted
The plywood is 12mm, i was planning on getting thinner but Im glad i didnt after i started screwing all the hardware in place
Case looks great! I'm interested in building a similar case for myself. I'm curious, where did you buy the rails and brackets? I looked on the ebay store you posted above but I can't find the brackets and rails anywhere on there...

That's beautifully done!
oh yea sorry, i didnt buy those of eBay. The rails and nut rails are some sort of standard 19" (84hp) rack system. I bought them at a swedish electronics store, similar to farnell or mouser. Bet you could find the same thing there instead, maybe something like this?

The brackets are CNCd from a 2mm sheet of aluminium, i used an xcarve. The easiest way to diy them would probably be to get 2x25x1000mm aluminium, which are available at basic hardware stores, then just cut them up and drill the holes. I just had the sheet lying around.

This doepfer page is also quite useful to get all the measurements right. Good luck!
So impressed by this case ! Good work Guinness ftw!
pcfrg wrote:

Now lets fill this thing! Guinness ftw!
Sorry for kicking this thread up. Really love this design! Great work. So is this case patch friendly? I'm looking to build one with my dad and if I can end up with something like this I'll be happy, as long as I can leave the cables inserted when the lid closes.
Thanks! Yes, its patch friendly. Although the foam that’s in the lid right now is a bit too thick, its around 3cm. I’ll just have to find some thats approx 1cm and it’ll have plenty of room for the cables.
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