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Beatmaker 3 iOS - Like MPC live on iPAD (well kinda...)
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Author Beatmaker 3 iOS - Like MPC live on iPAD (well kinda...)
The Space Disco
yes, it is really (sort of...). I was a fan of beat maker 2, hated that name... but these guys now exactly what they are doing, the sound library in BM2 was real... version 3 gonna be fire!

out on saturday!

check here!

I started with BM1 (still has best demo projects, u can open em in bm2), then i got BM2, then i got iMPC pro, then i remembered i also have NanoStudio etc. No need for me personally to get BM3 as i havent used others frequently.
GovernorSilver wrote:

Those clickbait headlines damn. My mind was much more affected during 2008-2011 development of early state of ios music making app scene, which is base for what happens after that. hmmm..... My best respect will always be for pioneers in first place, even if we'll talk how far progressed and advanced we since than..

That being said, looks like BM3 will be pretty sweet for those who prefer DAW-like approach while not abandoning "live mpc triggering" (launchpad style 8x8 should come handy).
rec.Koner wrote:
GovernorSilver wrote:

Those clickbait headlines damn.

Yes, Peter Kirn is a master of the clickbait, but I guess you'd have to be, in order to run a successful blog for years.

In any case, I thought he overstated a bit on how it's so different than typical DAWs. BM2 is definitely a different experience than Cubasis, but it still gave you a timeline and tracks laid out in the usual manner, with transport controls. Setting it up though to record audio and MIDI at the same time from another app required an obscure ritual and a special phase of the moon. BM3 might be easier in that regard.

To be fair to CDM, I thought they did a good job of with the screenshots, as examples of how the workflow has changed.

AU support is a huge change. People used to piss and moan if a DAW didn't include a built-in synth. But with AU, you can load up some of the best synths in IOS-land inside of BM3.
The sampler engine is quite powerful and offers plenty modulation capabilities
Starting playing with this last week , so far I've found it very easy to use , quite powerful and no where near as frustrating as impc , very easy to record from a synth or something else into the sampler either via the plugins page , the sampler has a stream from disc option for longer samples.
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