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sansamp or ...?
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Author sansamp or ...?
I was thinking about picking up an amp modelling pedal for my wurlitzer EP for apartment DI recording into a tape recorder.

Is sansamp the one to get? Any boutique pedals I'm missing? Any other classics? Or are the cheap ones usable, like those joyo american or british amp pedals?
You could also just use OD pedals + a cab sim

Or over saturate the tape when recording! tape sounds great on its own!
A Sansamp is just a great tool to have overall, it's worth picking one up regardless. Best to try one in person though.
+1 for the Sansamp. I went through a search process a few months back looking for something better, none of the (so called) boutique guys made anything better.

The Sansamp has a lot of range, as Zube says, try one if you can.
thanks for the advice! def gonna try it
try to get the sansamp classic with the DIP switches. That one sounds really good.
ive got a sans amp classic and a sansamp bass driver and both are indispensable. I own and have access to some really nice amps and cabs but I haven't bothered to turn them on for years for recording purposes. I'm continually happy with the tone I get from those tech21 boxes. try the bass driver for guitars as well!
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