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Ready built PSU and Distribution boards?
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Author Ready built PSU and Distribution boards?
I'm starting to address the power source, distribution and grounding for the Eurorack cabinet I'm building. I have no desire or ability to build my own power source and distribution and am looking for a way to purchase what I need already built. I know Doepfer has a kit but would like to check on other options. I'm willing to pay for someone to build this for me if necessary but would like something that won't fry my gear so the more experience the better.
The system will be 5 rows of 84HP Eurorack with the usual companies (Plan B, Livewire, Harvestman, Tiptop, Analogue Systems, no Doepfer yet)
Power source can be either inside the cabinet or outside, which ever works out best. Thanks
if you don't wish to play with electricity then i'd say the Doepfer DIY Kit 1 would be your best option. i'm using one to power 4x84hp rows and it works fine. i also like the fact that the transformer is external.
it should be ok with 5x84hp depending on what modules you have although the kit only comes with 2 busboards so you'll probably want to buy another 2 - you can run 4 boards off the power supply. an important note - for the full 1200ma you need a 2.5amp transformer. i know that analogue haven had trouble finding these and were supplying a less "powerful" one - the situation may have changed though and i'm pretty sure somebody on this forum found a suitable transformer but can't find the thread right now.


sandyb wrote:
i'm pretty sure somebody on this forum found a suitable transformer but can't find the thread right now.

check my post about halfway down this page: rder=asc&start=210

chinard wrote:
Okay, thought i should chime in at this point since i finally got my chassis up and running using the SubRacks from chiachiman and the doepfer DIY kit #1.

The mounting instructions for the rails earlier in the thread worked great.
I did end up bolting them together a little bit differently, I'll post some pics when i get home from work.

The biggest problem i had was with the doepfer DIY kit#1 because it did not ship with a wall-wart transformer. The Specs on that transformer are really weird too (15v AC at 2.5a)
I DID however find an interesting and cheap source for these 15v AC wall warts. MODEL TRAINS!!!
Digitrax PS-315
There are plenty of model train vendors that carry this item, and it costs about $25-30 USD on average. Mine just arrived yesterday, and it works perfectly with the Doepfer DIY#1 kit.

the digitrax power supply has been working like a champ since i installed it.
No heat issues, no hum.
IMO Having an external transformer is a major advantage as opposed to the doepfer method of building cases that have them mounted to the INSIDE of the shielded case d'oh!
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