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Boss RV-500
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Author Boss RV-500

Didn't see a thread on this yet. Looks awesome. All the demos are shitty guitar stuff but it seems like it should be pretty great.

Reasons I'm excited about it:

1. Price is about $100 less than the competition.

2. Delay is available with every verb type. Pretty sure it's a basic digital delay but it can go from 1ms to 2000ms, is BPM syncable, has low and high eq shelving, and pitch modulation. It can be routed either pre-verb or parallel, verb can also be muted so then the RV-500 is just a delay.

3. Midi I/O and USB. Expression in with some very flexible routing options, no mention of cv but it might be able to take a trigger/clock (my DD-7 does). Internal "auto expression pedal" aka LFO! None of the guitarist facing promo even mentioned that but I think it's awesome!

4. Every verb has pitch mod settings! Huge!

5. There are flexible input and output gain settings and some kind of dynamic compression/limiting stuff so I would think it would play well with line level stuff, maybe even modular.

Also 32/96 for people who care about fidelity.

And there's a model of the old Roland SRV verb and the Space Echo, which if it's anything like the RE-20 (which it seems it is) is almost worth the price of entry alone.
Recentaly, I did post a link to the unit in a discussion group here at Muff (forgot what it was about, though) - found it very impressive and, yes, way beyond a guitar pedal, into the modular/synth realm.

Watched a few more demos, together with the price, just might take a shot at it. Quite up there.
Mine should arrive Tuesday. I'm planning on doing a video running synths and drum machines through it since all of the YouTube stuff is guitar right now.
nice! really curious about the srv model. not that i really need another reverb but always read good things about it. they seem kind of rare in my area though and i would definitely prefer the pedal format and knobs.
Got mine yesterday, so far I'm really into it. I recorded a 40 minute video that I am uploading now. I'll post the YouTube link once it's up.

Preliminary observations:

The sound is really good but you need to tweak the parameters to make it do what you want on each different model. I.E the same settings may not sound as good across different modes.

Space Echo is awesome, very similar to the RE-20 but longer max time.

The manual sucks.

Wave Pedal = LFO. There are 8 of them per patch. No mention of this in any of the promo.

You can stack 2 patches and either layer them or run them in series, or parallel dual mono.

The delay per patch is an awesome feature. I wouldn't buy the RV for the delay alone but having both is awesome.

Modulate on every reverb and every delay is amazing. I need to play with it more to understand what it is doing more but so far so good.
I'll wait for the coming source audio ventris and will compare both. So far none of both hit me...
Klangzaun wrote:
I'll wait for the coming source audio ventris and will compare both. So far none of both hit me...

Watched the demo on their reverb - very impressive.
Does anyone know how different the reverb is on the RV-500 compared to that on the GT-100/GT-001/GT-1 and RV-7? Is it obviously some of the same algorithms or something else?
Just me
I don't have it, but it looks worth it.. watched a few videos, maybe I go and get myself one smile
Just got one. Will report when I am able exit reverb dimension...
Modulating reverb algo with the internal LFO is pretty amazing!!
With 7 more LFOs to modulate any other param in any other algo?? zombie
Any further thoughts on the deep modulation possibilities with this thing?
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