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ESX-8CV in Polyphonic Mode
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Author ESX-8CV in Polyphonic Mode
Can the ESX-8CV be used in polyphonic mode? I've set up some routing that I thought should do the trick, but I'm not getting the master channel to send to the individual voice channels properly. I watched the polyphonic tutorial video, and read that polyphonic section in the manual... anyone had any luck with this?
Is this with the Silent Way Voice Controller? Then yes. You'd set it up as in the polyphonic tutorials, and then route all the individual voice plug-in's out through an ESX-8CV Combiner.

There are Live sets on this forum that have been posted before using the 8CV and 8GT combination for polyphony.
So I'm think I've got this routing right, each voice is in polyphonic voice mode, and set 1, 2 & 3 respectively. The Master controller is a SW voice that's in Poly Master mode, and I've followed all the routing that you have set up in the tutorial. the 3 voices (pitch/gate) are being routed to 1-6 on the esx-8cv combiner. However it seems likely they're not receiving anything from the master channel, as I can send individual voices through them by changing the routing.

Any tips?
sorry, meant to include this screen cap:

hahaha, wow, i think i just cracked it, I was using the master bus instead of the master channel with the voice controller. WOOOOPS
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