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Aphex Twin and Dave Griffith develop GA for DX7
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Author Aphex Twin and Dave Griffith develop GA for DX7
Dave is a friend of mine and was describing this on Facebook. I thought it was fun so decided to post it here.

Made in collaboration with Aphex Twin, the midimutant learns how to program your DX7 synth so you don't have to.

Equipped only with a microphone input and midi output, the midimutant runs on a Raspberry Pi and uses artificial evolution to grow new sounds on hardware synthesisers that mimic an example sound you provide.
i know dave, he is a fine upstanding individual

people might remember dave as a pioneer of livecoding, and as author of the fluxus 3d livecoding environment

what gives?
That's pretty cool. I remember looking for a similiar function in hardware synths like the virus or blofeld a bunch of years ago, but nothing came close to this.
Dave is awesome. One of my favourites is his sonic Kayak.

One of the best days of the year is when I was in my kitchen and Dave on the radio.
This is really exciting am really glad you brought this to my attention.

I will try to look out for further details and hope you can post updates here.
big job head
Wow! this project looks awesome! know what i'll do with my spare RPi now!

Can't see the schematics on siliconstuff but they are available here for those who want to build one : to-stop-worrying-and-love-midi/
Isn't it!

Thanks big job head! I don't have an RPi but reckon this will be my reason to take the plunge!

Now I should be able to put the midi bit together when midi mutant code and hardware is released w00t

I have had a TX816 rack for many years which originally had 2 TF1's and then I was lucky to find 6 more TF1's in Japan in great condition (once I changed the batteries) a few years ago. I tried using NI fm7 to program for a while but it was not really for me.

Wondering if this will work with my technics WSA1R? Easier to program from the unit but unfortunately has sketchy sysex
it works with anything with sysex control of values by the sounds - it is open source so it's most likely possible to adapt it to use cc messages instead

here's the repo, dave says it isn't ready yet
This thing looks awesome. I remember this idea being discussed in one of the Curtis Roads books years ago.

I think the schematics are just for hanging a midi port off the rpi uart.

The scripts in the repo refer to what looks like a qt app but the code for it isn't t in there.

Presumably you could modify the code and run it on any PC with a sound card and midi port.

@adam. I hadn't seen that it will work with any sysex synth. Where did you see that?

edit": NVM. "Midimutant can therefore be used on any synthesiser with a documented sysex dump format"... neat!
Watching with INTENSE interest! Way beyond what I understand (anything further than Retro Pie is beyond me!) but if it were possible to generate midi for my Blofeld, TX81Z or WSA1s... I would poop myself with excitement!
I think it will probably be a bit of a struggle for me to get the RaspPi set up with just the vanilla Midimutant as I have not done much programming before.
But judging by the demo videos if I do get it set up it would be worth trying to then get it going/adapt it to the WSA1

Bluedonkey - if you can pass on my thanks to Dave & in turn Aphex for their work on this and making it available.
Any news on this project?
Can't see any change on Github...could be a fun build
this is what they've just finished (not afx)
That's a really cool idea. I'd be surprised if it works well though... if they are running this as an optimization problem, I suspect there are a lot of local minima. Definitely gonna follow this.
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