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Sequence of Serum to Midi
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Author Sequence of Serum to Midi
Hi All,

I am not a person who has come to perfection in hearing and identifying notes. I have a sequence going in serum, which i wanted to extract midi from the same. I am unable to get good results by converting melody to new rack in ableton, is there any way in serum to get the midi out of the sequence?

Also wanted to know if we can have a gated sequence, Since i see if i use LFO as a stepped sequence for semitone change, i am not able to gate it.

hey - im not sure if i understand correctly, but i dont think serum will output any other midi than what you put into it .. if youre running some other midi effects in the same channel, re-recording the midi output into another channel sometimes helps capture some nice sequences wink
If Serum has an actual sequencer in it (which I don't remember it having but I could just not have seen it) you should just be able to write out midi notes based off of the intervals in the sequencer (no ear required), i.e. step values 1, 7, 9, 11, 4 starting on C would be C, G, A, B, D#.
You will have to identify which lfo is doing the 'sequencing', it will look like a staircase shape probably and then deduce the note intervals for the sequence like uniquepersonno2 said.
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