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Es-8 in place of audio interface
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Author Es-8 in place of audio interface
Hey guys, I am not really sure if I'm understanding this product correctly, so I thought I'd quickly explain what I want to do and see if this (or another module) fits the bill.

I want to be able to record my eurorack synth in Ableton with individual channels. My current Mbox 2 only has the ch1+2 ins, so I can't separate drums or have other sends and record live without doing part by part and sequencing in my DAW. That kind of takes away from the fun I guess.

So if I used an ES-8, does that give me individual inputs to USB that can be quickly separated in Ableton Live? Is it only 4 channels in?
Yes. 4 analogue in on the front panel, but you can get another 8 in via ADAT (from modular (ES-6) or any other ADAT-equipped audio interface).
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