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How to use Juno-66 config menu
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Author How to use Juno-66 config menu
Hello, I just got my juno 66 back from getting the mod installed and I have a question about saving configuration. I hold Key transpose til it starts blinking, then I press the key for "midi out as sounds" then press Key transpose again to exit configure, but my sequence that is looping does not go out to my other synth via midi (only if i press another key). sounds like the configuration isn't saving? how do i save the config change?
You press 'midi out as sounds' then select the midi channel or turn channel off via the leftmost keys
thank you for the response and clarification. i got the midi to send notes to my volca keys and it works with triggering notes perfectly. i am however having issues syncing the tempo with the volca keys or my volca beats.

please forgive me because i am probably missing something, but i am pretty new to MIDI as a whole (i want to get all my toys talking to each other). thank you.
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