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um, can I hang out with you folks..?
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Author um, can I hang out with you folks..?
electrik noize
Cause I just got these Dead Banana

Yes Powder
sad banana Damn, if I knew there was someone with a username that close to mine, I woulda picked something different.

Anyways, welcome to the T00bz Club. We're an elite bunch. headbang
electrik noize
LOL wow that is uncanny lol
electrik noize
I did not know that a movie based on side show circus freaks existed. But
now that I do I must watch it.

Also had a small session with the new toys last night and they are amazing. I
had and sold a TM-1 a long time ago. I've missed it since the moment I sold
it. So getting something very similar in a smaller package that can go into
the euro case is great. And the VCA shreds if needed or can be surprisingly
subtle. Very happy to be back in the Metasonix clan!

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Welcome--you just bought two of the strangest euro modules on the market. Please make recordings with them, and please post the results here if possible.
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