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LFO problem with FH-1
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Author LFO problem with FH-1
I set up my MIDI controller so I get keyboard cv/gate/vel/pressure on the first 4 outputs, and sine wave LFOs on outputs 5-8, with the faders controlling rate and level. It all works as expected*, except I'm only getting half the LFO waveform, as if it were going through a half wave rectifier. At first I thought that the thing I was modulating just wasn't responding to negative CV, but no amount of DC offset seems to fix the problem. Looking at the light on the FH-1, I can see it continuously change to red and back to blue, but then it just holds at solid blue, and I hear no change in the sound until it comes back to the start of the waveform. Any idea what the problem might be? Hope I explained that clearly enough.

Firmware version: 1.6

* Actually, there's also an occasional issue with the pitch cv from the keyboard getting frozen, but that's fixed by cycling the power. Maybe I'll make a separate thread for that, but right now it's not bothering me as much as the LFO thing.
The LFO's are bipolar around the base fader positions set by CC's 0-7 on MIDI channel 1. You probably just need to set those to 64.

This is what the "Init to mid-range" option does in the script generator:
That worked. Thanks.
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