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Harvestman setups
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Author Harvestman setups
Fuck VCAs, you can never have too much random. The 1u module has a sample and hold, wogglebug is just unique and the ZC for me is more of an audio source and random gates. Though you’ve already changed the MG since posting haha. I would keep some sort of filter on board. Although you do have the FXDF. The RxMx and Listen four seem somewhat redundant. The Quad VCA seems more useful. Don’t know what tangle quartet does so it’s hard to comment. And I have Stages but haven’t gotten into it yet. Not sure if it’s a Quadra replacement. I might also look at the Qu Bit Contour. Single Andore looks nice, seems like it was made for the PH mk III. I had the TBVCA, didn’t love it. Bkinds seems better to me. That said I don’t know how much you need either unless you want it as a ring mod. The Harvestman modules are pretty well designed and I feel like I use VCAs less often in my Harvestman case.
mt3 wrote:

The TBVCA, Tangle Quartet, and the Listen Four all seem more appropriate for 1U modules (to save space).

No filter!!!

Zorlon, Wogglebug, and Noise Tools seem redundant for the random facilities.

Cool, this is the kind of challenge I need. Excuse me for the the extremely long response. I am partially writing all of this for my own benefit to sort out my build idea.

Listen Four Is a panning end of chain mixer, unfortunately while there are stereo outs made by Intellijel for 1u there is nothing that actually pans. So I am left to do this in the 3u sections somehow which would require more mixers or VCAs to accomplish. I am still considering sticking with mono which may actually be the best option then I could go back to the 1u headphone out tile.

TBVCA is there primarily for voltage controlled modulation mixing and routing. Sinamsis makes a very valid point here about needing less VCAs with Harvestman modules. Certainly there are attenuverters all over the place and Kermit has cross mod, Zorlon has mix out, even the PH has a mix now. I will think on the TBVCA a little harder.

Tangle Quartet Would be the main VCA. Recently I have been very focused on making sure velocity dynamics are a part of each patch which generally requires two VCAs per voice. I don't need to do that on every voice and the Single Andore actually has that built in. I was considering getting two Single Andores.

I do wish Intellijel would make two things for their 1u range, VCAs and a panning mixer. Though after your comments and writing all of this I am thinking I may be over doing it on the VCAs and need to think hard about if I want stereo or not. I do not need the Stereo when I am home as I have plenty of other ways to accomplish that. The Stereo would only be for when I am performing or away from my studio.

On random, I would have to agree with Sinamsis once again. I use the ZC for both audio and randomish gates, I do not often use it to supply random CV for other modules, though maybe I'll try patching a few things up to see how that works. The Wogglebug is just an awesome little beast and I was planning on using it to provide a somewhat sloppy clock to my SHII as well as other randomness through the system. The 1u Noise Tools has analog white and pink noise out which is just damn useful, not to mention slew and S&H. While there might be a small amount of overlap between these modules, i think they all provide enough uniqueness to warrant them being there.

Regarding filters, I was thinking I might be able to get away with the FxDf, which is chained to the RxMx and the Single Andore. I plan to use the LPG on the Andore but I really need more information on it. I know it has two channels, but I am still not totally clear on if the envelopes can be independently triggered and timed. If I decide to go mono and lessen the VCAs, then I can bring back a filter. I would like a dedicated one. I would like that to be the Bionic Lester, but who knows when that will come.

And then we come to envelopes. I have been looking deeper at Stages and think it might be a really cool companion for these modules. What I want from EGs in my system is at least four, with the ability to CV attack, decay and have output signals for EOA and EOC. To be honest, if I had room for four WMD/SSF mini-slews, that is what would go in the case, but at 32hp that can't happen. (Side note, the Mini-Slew has a CV controlled variable bi-polar output which is fucking awesome. Instant velocity) Stages looks damn interesting and capable. I could set up a lot of combinations. I'd use the Double Andore if the envelopes were more to my snappy liking. I think the DA is genius, but I just cannot get down with the slowness. Honestly, I am having trouble deciding on envelopes. Quadra+Expender is pretty much the right thing but 24hp is a lot. I will check out the Q-Bit Contour, but I have to say that I have a bias against Q-Bit since they split and went in a new direction I have not been a fan.

Well thanks folks, I guess I am going to make a few versions on MG and see how this pans out (no pun intended).
Ok, so maybe I'm looking at this wrong, and maybe I don't know how you use the RxMX. But couldn't you use output A as the left out, C as the right out, and then mult B to right and left as a mono signal? Otherwise, have you looked at the Dubmix? It's bigger, so it seems like it doesn't make sense. Otherwise, I guess there's the Mutamix.

In terms of not liking the Double Andore, have you tried playing with the shape at all?

What happened with Qu Bit? I guess I missed that. The Contour is my first Qu Bit module. It's pretty nice. Quite a few buried features that are nice, but require some learning. It still does not have as many physical IO as the Quadra. I also have a Radar. All of these modules have some very nice features. But the Quadra and expander are just so fully features. I do wish the expander were slightly smaller, but whatever. It's still worth it to me.
Yes, I could use the RxMx like that, but that is not the way I use it, nor it is really meant to be an end of chain mixer. I use it to mix waveforms and scan between them and I use it as an LPG and a spectral filter. Also, it is pretty great for feedback patches. Basically I will probably never use it as an end of chain mixer. That is why I was looking for a compact 4 channel stereo panning end of chain mixer. Though now I feel like it is less important in a case like this that is meant to be an instrument.

Yes, I have played extensively with the DA shapes. It just isn't snappy enough. The last few posts in this post is where I've been talking about that Robotopy mentions the expander may bring more snappiness.

Q-Bit prior to the newer white simplified modules consisted of a partnership that broke for whatever reason. The other guy moved on to become Instruo. Post break, Q-Bit started putting out modules like the the Wave, Chord and Rhythm, which to me seemed like a Bud Light version of modular (i prefer the craft brews). Recently they have been putting out some more interesting things like Synapse and Chance (Nano Rand provided almost everything it has to offer in 4hp) and Contour. I could put my bias aside and try out the contour, but now I am thinking a Single Adore and two Mini-Slews might be the trick.
Oh wow, I didn't know that. Ha I did notice an abrupt change in what Qu-Bit were putting out, and I agree that most did not really appeal to me. Instruo on the other hand.... haha. That makes sense about the RxMx.

Yeah, I hear you on the DA snappiness. Playing with the shapes a bit has made it better for me. Ha, but I have an Optomix and a Function in my case as well, so that does it for me. An expander would be interesting. The Minislew is a great module.

Ha! That looks awesome dude. There's only so much you can do to the Wogglebug take make it orange. I actually just snagged that case myself, despite having built my own cases for the past few years. It's great.
dysonant wrote:

There's fookin' art and symmetry here! Nice smooth morphing.
Took a page from Dysonant's book:

Not going to bother doing anything to the Dual Borg since it's only a place holder until the BL II comes out. And eventually I'll replace the Pico VCA with a 2hp VCA (because I'll need the space, and to match the color scheme haha).
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