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secret weapon amp
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Author secret weapon amp
I bet we all have go-to's, but here is my secret weapon for when I need something special:

Fender Squier Champ 15GR. This is the version with all black tolex, and most critically, it has *two* gain controls and one volume control from left to right, along with a 3 band eq and reverb knob. It also has a spring reverb. It says Squier across the grill (not Fender), has one channel, one input, and a headphone out, open back cabinet.

They are hard to find this exact model, but this one is like no other solid-state practice amp. It does a nice fender clean and a great distortion sound with the first gain at about 3 and the second all the way up.

Amazing cheap little amp. Oh and its louder than a Marshall half-stack. razz
If you have the time to fix all of the factory issues the Epiphone JR tube amp can be had for real cheap and has a lot of neat mods that put a bunch of tube amps to shame. Some people insist on fixing every noise issue with it but some of them are rather nice to keep.
Pockets McCoy
Peavey Musician. I can't understand why everyone seems to hate them so much, but I don't really mind either because if the guitar community at large hates something, it probably means I can get said thing for way too cheap (in this case, I paid less than $200 for a PAIR of the most wonderfully clean to the most sinisterly fucked up sounding, loud-as-a-motherfucker 200w heads). They show up for like, $40 on Craigslist, it's kind of hard to resist just stockpiling them. Tough as nails too. In May I played for like, 8 hours in a camping tent with one of these outside; I covered up the vent holes, but it still got rained on for about 6 of those 8 hours, and it's still alive and kickin'.
Crate Palomino V16 (the blonde one made in U.S). You can find this little 15w tube amp for 250ish. Slap some mullards or something in it and it becomes a killer sounding little project studio rig. Stuck a greenback in mine as well. Reverb is crap, though.
Crate XT15r. It was a Guitar Center special amp a long time ago, and sounds better than any other 15w solid state.

Ampeg V4 because it is just insane. You can get super-cool feedback while it stays totally clean, and any volume setting above 9 o'clock will fry your ears off.
Just me
Roland JC-120. And a pair of Peavey Combo 300's for bass.
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