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DUSG Lowpass gate ?
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Author DUSG Lowpass gate ?
Hey guys, I've received a DUSG an gotta say I watched alot of videos of it Guinness ftw!
In a particular video (I know it's euro but I love it lol ) he says at 3:40 that you can use it as a lopass gate... true ? how do you achieve that ? I'm curious about discovering stuff about my modules and woudl love to be able to use it like a normal synth (by that I mean play it with my keyboard but without the infinite sustain).

Thanks smile
No, he is mistaken. There is nothing in the Serge line that is equivalent to an LPG.

You can use the slew limiter as filter, and if you fiddle with the rise/fall cv in you can mute the input, but at least in my use not in a way that is as useful or straight-forward as you are probably hoping.
You can use it to create some slew, or use it to ping an LPG, but as Brian says, it certainly isn't an LFG.

If you want to better understand the DUSG, I suggest reading the TGO section of the "Unofficial Serge Creature Manual":
The right side of the TGO is (for all intents and purposes) a single USG.
dustin stroh(j3erk) made a dusg with two low pass gates built in..
The Disquiet
Random Source make a very nice LPG / Buchla Timbre panel "Donks":

Maybe you can have it converted to 5U ?
The Disquiet : I would definitely love it thumbs up
Thanks Diophantine !

Well, while I can't do a LPG with it, I can do some crazy stuff zombie
I'm quite surprised, it would probably sound boring to you guys with lots of modules and experience but... I currently have a patch that approximately goes like this : (both DUSG sides on loop) (Q106 in low range)

Qunexus into Q106 1V/oct (Qunexus controlling the rhythm/speed)
Q106 pulse and ramp outputs going into left and right DUSG 1V/oct
DUSG right BP out into left CV
DUSG left +out into right CV
DUSG left end into Q150 1V/oct
DUSG right end into Q150 freq level CV
DUSG left BP out and right +out in each singla input of the Q150.
Q150 out into mixer.

wiggle the knobs a little bit and I'm getting some self-generated pseudo-random ''free jazz'' bass/sax/flute leads eek!
kinda like this (not me) :

It's amazing I never thought I'd do this with 3 modules This is fun!
Indeed, the DUSG can generate some weird saxophone-alike sounds.
The QVCF can also ping nicely.
Awesome you are enjoying the DUSG in all kinds of weird ways! I've got 3 DUSGs and a TGO in my Serge and I am always running out of 'em... when I'm not running out of patch cables... Perhaps the most interesting synth module designed, as far as versatility and usability goes.

(That reminds me that I still need to get an Oakley VRG or two in my dotcom system.)

If you're looking for an LPG in MU, I can always recommend the MegaOhm CdS. Despite only being a single LPG, the CV features are second to none. (Oh, and it sounds amazing, too!)
CdS is great.!. ..phil said to me he was going to stop making them due to Vactrol unreliability though.. fsfx make a kind of copy of it..
josaka wrote:
CdS is great.!. ..phil said to me he was going to stop making them due to Vactrol unreliability though.. fsfx make a kind of copy of it..

I think the vactrols are OK generally, but the CdS design wants some specific qualities. It's hard to select for these now (maybe 5 out of 10 will work correct). It's not that they sound bad it's just some don't measure up to my prototype. I might be too finicky. Perhaps a circuit design change would do it (or not!) but I don't want to go back to this now. The original vactrols are discontinued. Dual vactrols are quite a bit more than $5 now. Would make sense to redesign the pcb. Too much hassle. Want to do other things.
FSFX uses the resonance part of the CdS.
It's a good alternative.
glad I got mine ... smile
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