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ES-8, SilentWay, and Ableton Live 9
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Author ES-8, SilentWay, and Ableton Live 9
I am having kind of a hard time and I'm hoping someone here can help. I have SilentWay installed in my Live environment and it looks like everything is working, however, I cannot get any of the SilentWay components to see any input signal on my ES-8. For example, if I use the Voice Controller, I can send voltage from Output channel 1 to my VCO and when I calibrate, it does indeed go through a series of tones. However, when I send the output of the VCO back to the ES-8 on input channel 1, SilentWay doesn't ever see it or calibrate properly. I have tried this using both MIDI and Audio tracks in Ableton but with the same result.

What am I doing wrong?
You probably need to make an additional track in Live to route the incoming audio to the plug-in input.
Sure enough. Making progress now. Thanks for your help.
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