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MacBook -> Windows 10 -> Thunderbolt -> FireWire
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Author MacBook -> Windows 10 -> Thunderbolt -> FireWire
Ok this is a bit of a niche question but maybe someone can shed some light.

I have a recent (2015) MBP (provided by my employer). Apart from OSX I also have a Windows 10 partition (which works fine).

I would like to boot into this partition and use my RME FF400 FireWire interface via the Apple TB -> FW adaptor.

From what I can tell by searching, this adaptor works with my interface on native OSX, and on some PC laptops, but I haven't found any mention of Win 10 running on Macbook hardware.

I don't want to do music in OSX. I rely on some Windows-only software. I'd love any insight into whether this is likely to work, before I drop the cash.

Would it be possible to run windows in a vm?
luketeaford wrote:
Would it be possible to run windows in a vm?

Sure that's possible - I already run Windows in Parallels (in VM mode) for work (place I work does 80% .NET work but management bought everyone Macbooks, go figure!)

My main concern there would be performance - running Windows from within OSX does give the cooling fans a workout!

Anyway I managed to land the TB > FW adaptor for cheap off a work mate so I'll be trying it as soon as I can dig up my FW 800 > 400 cable, will report back.

I don't think there's any driver magic happening with that adaptor, it should be plug and play no matter what OS you're using. Whether or not windows will be completely happy seeing it, I don't know - I should experiment and find out, I've got a similar hardware situation here, just haven't had any need to run any audio stuff from my windows 10 bootcamp partition on my mbp.
Happy to report back that the Apple TB > FW connector works fine in Bootcamped Windows 10, with my RME Fireface thumbs up
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