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NEW 0HP Modules ~ [BUILD] New Modules/ Open Sourced Files
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Author NEW 0HP Modules ~ [BUILD] New Modules/ Open Sourced Files

Introducing 0HP Modular!

Whether you need some extra utilities for your studio behemoth or you need to save space on the road, 0HP gives you options. Our modules come as a small circuit board mounted to a colorful piece of laser cut plexiglass, with a small chance to get one of our fabulous rare colors. With a robust line of modules planned in the future, full DIY kits and an open hardware licence we aim to make modular synthesis accessible and fun for the veteran and new user alike.

We have just shared our design files under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence. Feel free to make yourself some boards do not sell them. For design files check out our Github:

Low Pass Filter

***NEW*** An audio filter in a tiny package! A blend between our "AND - gate" and our "Vactrol Low Pass Gate" circuits, the cutoff frequency can be modulated at audio rate. It also features a voltage controlled clipping circuit which allows for further wave shaping. The response of this circuit is much faster than that of the Vactrol Low Pass Gate, so it will react to very plucky envelopes and even triggers.

So far this is our hardest kit to build so we suggest having built a few other modules first. For a first kit we highly suggest the 0HP EYEtenuator, scroll below for details.


Control your synth with the power of light with the EYEtenuator dual light-controlled attenuator! Two signals coming through the EYEtenuator are attenuated based on the amount of light hitting their respective photo detector. Normalized jacks allow one input to be sent to each attenuator or for both attenuators to be summed together at one output. Use interesting light sources to modulate your synth, or just wave your arms around like a crazy person to control your patch.

This is by far our easiest kit and is highly suggested for complete beginners to synth DIY and soldering.

Logic Modules

These Logic modules can be used to combine and transform gates, variable control voltages and even audio. The OR gate can be used as a CV maximum on signals above 0 volts and the AND gate can be used as a very fast VCA which is capable of amplitude modulation. Both modules have a gate and a trigger output.

Vactrol LPG-VCA

These modules differ from the AND Gate/ VCA because they slow down incoming control voltages, losing the ability to do amplitude modulation but gaining a very musically imperfect response curve, turning triggers into envelopes and just generally adding analog character. The VCA colors the signal less than the LPG, which also filters the output. Usually the LPG has a much "pluckier" response but Vactrols are all slightly different in multiple ways so your mileage may vary.

All of these modules will be fully supported for DIY with the intention of being a dead simple place for beginners to hop in. I will be uploading video instructions on building these as well as the BOM and normal text instructions next week. Full kits are available for a pre-order of $23, mostly because I need to get an idea of what sort of demand there is for kits. You can also buy just the PCB and acrylic backing for $10 or just the PCB for $5.

All 0HP module design files are planned to be released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial 4.0 licence. I chose non-commercial not to stop people from ever sell their finished 0HP modules but mostly so that others don't start mass manufacturing the circuit boards for a lower price than what I sell them for. Anyways I want these to be as accessible as possible and easy for people to dive into the sometimes frightening world of building your own modular synthesizer.

Please visit our website for more information and purchasing:

Here is a link to the page with all the info you need to start building the 0HP DIY options:

We want to make these kits as easy as possible for people to jump into building their own DIY synths so we have been making video manuals to show how to build the full kits. Here is the video for the 0HP OR Gate, currently our easiest kit. As you can see, even with me taking my time to explain everything it only takes me about 30 minutes to build. The rest of the instruction videos are in the link for the 0HP DIY instructions above but you can also find them through my Youtube channel:

Could I make these with bananas (with some fudging)? Would i have to add a separate ground?
It should be possible but yeah separate ground. The one thing is that the H11F1 optocoupler is only rated to take 15V amplitude signals which means 15V MAXIMUM and so signals should ideally stay lower than 13V. Excuse my terrible ignorance of non-euro formats but what is the typical signal levels for Buchla/ Serge? I know that they have different power supplies. Would support for these formats or even 5U be attractive to people?
Always wondered about the H11F1 - are there any simple audio demos of how it responds to different CV signals?
I was thinking of using them with my CL plumbutter, which I'm pretty sure would be below 13v.
Ah ok,I actually have a plumbutter do I can run some tests. Only thing is that I am pretty sure the signals are unipolar between patch points so it might not work as a "vca" but the logic circuitry should work. I might talk to peter first as I know the brown jacks are quite sensitive to getting the "wrong signal" since they are hooked directly up to a transistor base.
interested in the VCA - is thonk gonna have the boards? I know international postage tends to be insane at this point for individual small packages.
Would it be possible to buy the PC board with two acrylic plates so that I could fasten one on top and bottom (using screws instead of the snap in fasteners)? I am nervous about the exposed top smile
Sure, I can do 2 layers for another $5. Send me an email to eli at mysticcircuits DOT com and I can do an invoice for you. I personally am not too worried about the exposed top, it's roughly as dangerous as touching two outputs together and most well designed modules have current limiting resistors on the outputs. If enough people are concerned about the tops I will start making them with a second acrylic layer on the top.

Im talking to European friends to hopefully organize some European retailers wink.

I will be posting some more in depth demos of the VCA soon, for now you can check out my instagram as I have some more demos posted there:

The VCA is just about the most bare bones circuit that you can make with an H11F1 with some resistor voltage dividers to try to control negative bleed/ distortion characteristics.
windspirit wrote:
Ah ok,I actually have a plumbutter do I can run some tests. Only thing is that I am pretty sure the signals are unipolar between patch points so it might not work as a "vca" but the logic circuitry should work. I might talk to peter first as I know the brown jacks are quite sensitive to getting the "wrong signal" since they are hooked directly up to a transistor base.

Great. Looking forward to hearing the results!
Will you have a seller in Europe?
@Heapish I have contacted both Thonk and Schneidersladen to retail for me, if folks want to see retailers carry my products in Europe please contact them directly expressing this. It lets them know that there is demand wink.
Hey folks, quick update:

We have added the Vactrol board DIY options to our website, both the VCA and LPG use the same board. Same price as before.

We hope to be working hard on the DIY documentation this weekend. There are a few prototypes that I am trying to order PCBs for in time for knobcon as well as some other projects that I am juggling so things have been slow on that front but we should have at least a BOM and quick build docs up.

For those of you ordering parts just based on the values on the board be advised that the resistor in the lower left hand corner of the VCA/ AND Gate boards and the Vactrol boards has been changed to 10k instead of 1k (the resistor closest to the "TRIG OUT" or "MIX" jacks). Nothing has changed for the OR Gates.

Thonk has just placed an order, including for full kits. This gives a deadline of about 2 weeks to get the full kits assembled. If you placed an order for these you should expect to receive them in mid August.

That's all for now, thank you!
thumbs up
if you guys looking for vactrols i have those open source 3d enclosures for you to print, tdays=0&postorder=asc

drop me a pm an i will attach the file for you

I'll be asking thonk to get these in, as I've been looking for a passive LPG to use with my Phenol. The Phenol can do unipolar envelopes but will use a bipolar cv for everything.

Will the LPG still work with bipolar CV? Or can it be modded to allow it?

Also wondering if you could think about a sequential switch in the 0hp range... or it it impossible to do in a passive circuit?
Sorry, but what are the jacks that are used here?
Thanx, humax!
I love modular addict but the jacks are a little cheaper from erthenvar, especially since you dont really need any nuts to go with them: -right-angle-jacks

If you are in Europe thonk sells them here:

You have to select the "PJ302M" option.

Trying to get the BOM loaded up tonight, Ill have some very basic DIY instructions up this week with more in depth ones being made as I assemble the kits, just so that everything looks the same as it will be in the kit.

@hamildad: As far as bipolar voltages goes all of the inputs can "handle" bipolar voltages, the audio and mix intputs both accept bipolar voltages, the CV input only reacts to positive voltages but negative voltages wont break anything.

The modules are pretty sturdy from an electronic perspective, the only word of caution that I can give for people adapting to other formats besides Eurorack is that the H11F1 chip that the AND Gate/ VCA is built on can only handle a 15V amplitude signal ( so 30V peak-to-peak) as a MAXIMUM, meaning that ideally signals going in would not exceed 13V.
Just a quick update, I am waiting on a couple of parts but I am very close to finishing the full kits. This means I will be able to send out the preordered kits some time next week and send materials to Thonk.

Things have been a little crazy getting ready for Knobcon but I am doing my best to finish the DIY instructions this weekend.

Besides that I am planning on testing out some Banana versions of the 0HP modules. No reason that it wouldn't work but they will be much larger with the banana jacks sticking out.

EDIT: I forgot to add the standoffs that I use to the mouser BOMs, they are now included but if you have already ordered some parts here is the direct link: piMZZMvIGAkyPb0MlIEBub5Bk1BF

Just order 4 of them.
Ok, pre-ordered kits have been shipped and kits are now available for immediate purchase. I have also sent a shipment of both bare-bones PCB/ Acrylic backings and full kits to Thonk and have received an order from Modular Addict for the same so you can also make a purchase through your favorite retailer.

The OP has been updated showing a link to the build guide which are currently VERY rough around the edges and are mostly meant to give people who have a fair amount of experience building kits the info that they need to make these hassle free. Rest assured that my intention is to make these projects as easy as possible for beginners to jump into the world of DIY so I will be putting a lot of work into the build guides this weekend as well as filming some video instructions on how to build the kits so that people can follow along.

Anyways here is the link:

In other news I have circuit boards arriving tomorrow for 3 new 0HP designs wink. If you will be attending Knobcon or Machines in Music you will get to see these first.
Hey folks, another quick update. 0HP build tutorial videos are now online, they make it super easy for even beginners to pick up the iron and build our modules! Check the 0HP DIY info link in the previous post to get the full list of videos.

Also we have sent a big package of both raw 0HP DIY materials and full kits to both Thonk and Modular Addict so you can now purchase our products through your favorite retailer.

Finally the most recent 0HP modules turned out well, Ill be releasing them next month but announcing them at Knobcon this weekend. One will be easier than all of the current offerings and the other will be harder than all of the current offerings wink.
A user brought to my attention that some links to BOMs were broken on my site, they have now been fixed. Also we will be making another shipment to thonk soon.
Hey folks, just a couple of bits of news. We have released 2 new DIY kits for our latest modules: the Low Pass Filter and the EYEtenuator. Kits are available through my new Reverb site although I will not be shipping anything while I am in Germany for Superbooth. If you want a kit before then please visit our DIY retailers such as Thonk, Modular Addict, Patchwerks, and just circuit boards through Synth Cube.

Also also also we released the design files (filter files coming out soon) to our Github. Please note that the board files are available under a non-commercial licence so please do not sell boards or modules that you have made yourself. Hopefully these designs will help people who are building their modular on the cheap or need some inspiration for their own circuits. When I get back from Germany I will upload some blank files in case you want to design your own 0HP modules to fit in with the format.
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