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"Resonators": Your Tips please /Delays, E: Flang/C
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Author "Resonators": Your Tips please /Delays, E: Flang/C
I´m a sucker for Resonators.
anything standalone that resonates, like Rings, Elements, edit: Echophone

i´m asking here for "modules" that can be applyed to "external sounds".
Mainly Drums and anything allready "Plingy"
what Plings ? what makes a allready plingy sound awesome ?

its about that certain touch in the sound.
Its about the good adjustability, having a wide soundrange, good sweetspot access, and the wiggleability.
Your tipps please ! ( M4L very welcome! )

edit: i have: AAS Object, INA-GRM Reson ( the pack finally), Love those
just that i had right now specificly more something like resonating Chorus or Flangers in mind.
my post was based on patching resonating sounds/soundtails with UVIs Thorus.
and totally have the resonating sounds that clouds can make in mind also
I want more of that tastyness hihi
If you like Chromaphone, you have to try Objeq! It's basically Chromaphone but for external sounds, with a filter, delay, and resonator. It's pretty simple to tweak and sounds brilliant on percussion. The samples on their site don't do it justice IMO, I recommend downloading the demo. I've mostly been using it to make snares more unique and for making some random samples sound more mechanical. But the filter/delay are great on their own too.
oh, i forgot to mention i have Object allready, haha.
I share your impression, i like it too.
but i look for something "more resonative",
kind of the karplus strong thing. i mean each delay or comb filter or resonating flanger etc. sounds different, and shines or lacks differently than the other.
Object was here used more like a Filter/soundshaper on Drumsounds.
.....gues similar to what you sayed wink
The GRM Tools Reson plugin is great. There's an IRCAM Max for live resonator too, but I haven't used that one...
absynth ? interesting
i have komplete 11, thus also absynth, but it was loaded with no presets so i never had a look at it. need to check ......

shitshitshit, i should have mentioned it and should have been clearer:
i have the full INA-GRM package wink
yes, Reson is my top Fav there i guess. totally up my alley. LOVE it when i use it.
( just,i get quite some crashes when using the morphfader )

just that i had now something totally different in mind.
more coming from let a chorus or Flanger resonate.
Or a delay with inclouded pitchshifter or freqshifter ( yes, i have the fault wink )
If you have a good computer, Virta is pretty ace for this.
check out gliderverb on ipad too
Valhalla UberMod can get pretty weird.

You've probably already dabbled with the Madrona Labs plugs. Aalto has a delay/waveguide which is tunable and can definitely be used for karplus-strong, and Kaivo has a resonator. Kaivo is designed to mangle samples so may be up your alley. Virta, which is designed for mangling external input, only has a formant shifter and delay, but could still be pretty interesting.
Funky40 wrote:
absynth ? interesting
i have komplete 11, thus also absynth, but it was loaded with no presets so i never had a look at it. need to check ......

Yeah, you can use it as an FX processor and you've got multiple combfilters in the main patch window and then the resonator in the FX section. might not be what you're looking for but i find it really versatile.
…and definitely Prism FX

UL search term: modal

Sculpture about 5 min in. Also
had a go with the Virta Demo.
guess the madrona labs stuff is not for me.
For now, it might take too much effort to make it sound good.
not giving me so mcuh inspiration right now, but i might have to get it later ( hopes for christmas sale)

very interesting ! so far i never could gel with reaktor when i tryed
but i will check with much interest ( ableton Live /M4L user)

you remind me to look in the FX i allready have.
i never used the übermod so far in my music since i´m back to DAW (9months now)

no i pad
some notes:

my patch which led me to open this thread was mainly:
MI Rings patched into my DAW, Live/M4L, used as a FX box only.( was a first)

as told, I Had great results with using UVIs Thorus as a Resonator.
totally dig the Chorus Resonator patch. thorus has something to it for that.
.....hell, i need to check übermod smile

i think so far my favorite Resonator for jammings with fast access to the sound and a good portion of controlled steerability:
Euros Clouds !!! unbeaten so far for me. Wonderful Sound.
Though no drag and drop available cry wink

Much Thanks so far everybody !
Big +1 for Prism and Prism FX. Love its sound and UI. I remember reading somewhere that Olivier took some inspiration from Prism when designing Elements, though I can't find it now.
Resochord and Prism FX are easy and fun; the other Reaktor units can be fiddly, as often with User Library stuff, but many options. Feel free to contact me if you have any troubles.
A bit more specialized, but I've got some use out of the SK10 plugin which simulates a subkick microphone. It doesn't respond if you don't feed it lower frequencies, but it does what it is supposed to really well (and it is free):
TheRosskonian wrote:

This is great ! Thanks !
got me also the Guzheng Library for Kontakt ( a pre Koto) . also very Great ! perfect for how i play now
dpcoffin wrote:
Resochord and Prism FX .

need some hlep with PrismFX.
i managed to load it, haha. but i get no sound out.
at least when i turn the wet/dry Knob CCW/Dry dfo i have sound, so its working.

i used Prism for keyboard sounds some months back but i have no clue what i have to adjust/check to get it to play as a fX.
any tipps ?
First, be sure you've loaded Prism FX, not Prism:

If you'd loaded Prism instead, that should solve the problem right there. If you had loaded the FX version, then check the Audio/MIDI settings in Reaktor/File. You need to be seeing some level in the left set of meters in the header when you're running audio (labeled 2 in the bottom image here). PrismFX's snaps mostly just start working on whatever audio is coming in as soon as selected, but some have (Play) in the name meaning you need to gate the sound and pitch it by hitting a MIDI note.

I usually drag samples from anywhere into the PLAY-er, here:

Click on the little search icon I've circled above to open the Files browser and dig around for what you want:

In the area labeled 1 above, you can start/stop playback, loop it, and also activate Auto, so that any wav files you click on in the browser automatically load and start playing.

Still not sorted? PM me:)
Moon Indigo
Kaivo has a very fun resonator. Associate the X and Y parameters with a midi controller. Good times. Spent hours tweaking one Kaivo patch last night.
Haven't tried it, so can't testify, but Applied Acoustics' Objeq Delay looks interesting...
dpcoffin, you have a PM, but i guess its sorted,
Prism-FX only working with samples and NOT with incoming audio directly, right ?

MoonIndigo, I guess thats also true for Kaivo, right ?
I have Kaivo, have donne some sounds to sample. But i can´t stand the GUI any longer.
it has become nearly unreadable for me.
( no longer interested in software that rates some playful design higher than functionality in all aspects. ............./ Eye care....)
( my eyes are crashing right now when i have to look at such less then clever chosen graphics and colour shemes )

the INA-GRM patch i had great results:
Reson, then the Combfilter.

i think the trick for me when working with Reson, and when i want to stay within one specific sound is, to just wiggle with the spread parameter.
then i´m able to stay within a certain, limited, amount of a sound change.
all other parameters giving the frame to stay within.
Funky40 wrote:
dpcoffin, you have a PM, but i guess its sorted,
Prism-FX only working with samples and NOT with incoming audio directly, right ?

Not at all, works great with streaming audio; you probably just need to set up your Audio/MIDI parameters to be sure Reaktor sees your input device.

I saw the PM, replied with more detail, but the reply is still in my Outbox…? Does it need to be in the Sent box to be delivered? Can/t see how to do that if so…

Just in case, here's what I sent:
we just crossed each other.
had to look in the kitchen wink
yes, when read a PM should appear in the sent box AFAIK
2CAudio Kaleidoscope

Check out Simon Stockhausen's videos on youtube.
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