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UniPulse compatibilties / Eko Rhythmaker
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Author UniPulse compatibilties / Eko Rhythmaker
Hey Tubbutec!

I'm the future owner of an Eko rhythmaker hyper (demo here)

I would adore to install UniPulse on it but not sure it's compatible ...
Perhaps have you installed it on the Eko in the past?

If not here are the schematics

It would be really appreciated if you could have a quick glance and tell me more! thumbs up

Also I was wondering what are the differences between the modypoly and the modysix? Does it worth it to buy the modypoly (I installed the modysix few years ago)?


looked through my files, looks like I already explained this to an other customer. This is still untested as far as I know, don't remember if the customer bought/installed the uniPulse, but this is pretty straight forward and will certainly work.

ModyPoly is just a new version of the Modysix, but the features are the same. Ne need to update.
Wow! Thanks I could not expect more and that fast! Thanks a bunch! Really appreciated!

I'm following you since you started Tubbutec and always spreading the (tiny music) world about your products, not to mention your kindness and serious answers to your clients!

Saving money here and there to purchase the rest of your products for the Juno and the SH101, you can count on me mate!

Also since i'm talking to you... Is there a schematics or infos about how to midify the polysix bend wheel? Maybe the modysix is not able to do it ?

Thanks smile

The Modysix can control pitch bend, you just need to solder the red wire and perform a firmware update.
See the ModyPoly manual on how to solder the red wire:

Firmware update here:

Many thanks!
So I have done the pitchbend mod but it doesn't work. seriously, i just don't get it

I use 33k + 66k (2x33k) on the red wire and now the polysix is out of tune (meaning the C has became A) not a problem since you can calibrate the pitchbend.

Unfortunately the pitch bend CC command is not working ( there is no point of doing the pitchbend cal. then)
I can still send midi note on off or change the filter with the CC17 command. I have checked the continuity between the resistors so the soldered joints are ok.

I guess it is not a midi issue from my side, right?

I have a modysix number #0068 and I have upgraded the firmware with your soft (fw 1.55).

What did i do wrong? hmmm.....

Oh and I have tested the pitchbend mod using the brown wire and the reso mod as well by the way but same results.[/img]
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