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For the Bass experts here
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Author For the Bass experts here
I've watched multiple times in the last 12 years the 2005 Concert in Milan of Depeche Mode and, incredibly, just now i realize that Martin Gore is playing his Danelectro Bass, i always thought it was a guitar.. Any of you expert knows who can someone make a bass sound like this?

Don't recognize that as a Danno bass (trapezoid inlays?) I've read that they use Pro Tools to trigger changes in the guitar rig live; they are also big on Moogerfooger pedals, etc. and of course synths.

To cover that song with what I have available I'd go with using a pick on flatwound strings using a Sonuus B2M audio to midi converter to trigger a distorted synth patch for just the lowest notes desired in that bass line.
That's an Epiphone Jack Casady Signature
That's the synthesizer you're hearing, not the bass. If you watch closely he's not playing that bass guitar for most of the song. There are short sections where he plucks some of the higher strings with a pick (0:20 - 0:35) and sections where he is not playing at all (0:35 - 1:05). That's just clean-ish bass.

So no effects are being used on the bass for this song (at least nothing to make it resemble a synth). That's not to say they don't use synth effects on the bass for other songs. ;-)

Sometimes trying to emulate a synth sound on bass guitar is like trying to find a vegan replacement for meat. It's never gonna sound the same so you shouldn't bother trying very frustrating
That being said you can get some amazing sounds with "synth" effects pedals. The trick is really in managing your expectations I guess. Its a constant topic of discussion over on talkbass or basschat.

But to paraphrase your question "How would you emulate synth on a bass". The main three approaches are either using

1) a single "all-in-one" synth pedal
2) many smaller stompbox-type pedals in a modular configuration or
3) a special pickup on the guitar that translates the signal into midi signals and a laptop to process the signals.

Personally I'm a follower of method 2. Simply because you end up with something more unique sounding with the added simplicity of being able to physically interact directly with the effects when you play live.

Phew, sorry for the long answer. Rockin' Banana!
Thanks for the answers. I was shocked by the bass sound, it sounded almost like a guitar sometimes
Delta T
I have a V-bass connected to my Spector 6Ex-Lx bass and you can get pretty synthi sounds with it. What's nice is the polyphonic octave effect you can use - unfortunately the filter sounds in the V-bass are not as good as what you could get in a modular setup, but they're not bad. I don't know how they are in the VB-99.
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