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Volta, Live, and output assignments
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Author Volta, Live, and output assignments
This is running Volta 1.04 as an AU under Live 8.1.3 on OS X.6.4 with a MOTU Ultralite Mk3.

For the life of me I can't get Volta to output voltage. I've assigned the MIDI track to different outputs, moved the Volta modules to different slots - lots of different things.

What am I missing?

FWIW this worked in Digital Perfomer with no problems (surprise) running as a MAS plug. It's fairly awesome, actually.

It is likely just me being unfamiliar with Live and it's output assignments. I just recently upgraded to v8 (from a barely used v3) to get into MaxForLive.


You need 2 tracks minimum for one output pair. This is what I do:

MIDI Track has Volta. You can leave the routing alone on that channel.

Audio Track

1. 'Audio In' drop down listens to Volta Track,
2. 'pre fx - post effects' drop down choose Volta's CV output 1/2.
3. Change the output from Master to EXT OUT, then 3/4 or whatever your CV outputs are going to be (something other than your main speaker output)
4. Set the monitoring of the track to 'IN'

That should do it. Repeat the audio track procedure for more CV output pairs.

If you want to control Volta via MIDI set it's monitoring to 'IN' and route external midi to that track, or play midi clips sitting on that track, run max4Live midi devices on that track, etc, etc.
I remember there being some pretty good tutorials for setting up Volta in various hosts (including Live) in the manual. Have you checked that? I think it gives you step-by-step instructions.
Actually I got it now - thanks to emergencyofstate and attacksustain!
parasitk wrote:
Actually I got it now - thanks to emergencyofstate and attacksustain!

If you could post exactly what you did... that would be great. Just as a reference for the rest of us. I've bought and installed VOLTA but have yet to fire it up (gotta make those cables)

citric acid
i had the same problem but i fixed this, it took me 1 year to find a solution ... also se the other volta treat.

but here in short.... set all eq & compressor settings in the cue mix to zero7 switch it off. Put on all used ins and out a high level ( fader to maximum/ but look out don´t blast you amps etc..).
In live you also must have a high level, set the fader to maximum ( CV and GAte and clock etc) but also look out for outgoing audio !!!!

thats it ..if you also use the right cable it will work... verry tricky ...but it runs !!!
Actually in my case CueMix had nothing to do with it, but thanks.

Either way I found running Volta in Live very clunky - just one of the many reasons I'm finally ridding myself of the program. very frustrating
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