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Checking out plugins for the first time since '03 - what now
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Author Checking out plugins for the first time since '03 - what now
Bath House
I got started with VST's in the nineties and they always sucked back then. Everything sounded like crap, didn't work great, etc. Around 2003 or so I committed to a full hardware setup for everything, tons of outboard, etc. and have been happy since. Lately, I'm getting a lot of mixing work and have started using Logic's native compressors, EQ, and utilities to supplement my outboard. I've seen the light - this stuff has gotten SO much better. I now have the valhalla reverbs and a few of the BX_ utilities.

What are the amazing plugins for sound sculpting now? What are the big brands or the "standards" that will blow me away? I'm especially looking for EQ's and tone shaping/filtering things.
Definitely check out Cytomic's The Drop, one of the better multi-filters out there with an extensive modulation section and several very good models.

You didn't specify platform but for generally odd tone shaping tools I'd also have a look at the Sinevibes' AUs they have some interesting stuff.
Fabfilter has some incredible plug ins that go very far, Saturn and Timeless, modulation system is very good. Their EQ and compressor is very well regarded also.

For delays: relayer by UVI and Replika XT by NI.

NI Molekular is other powerfull multieffects.
Another +1 for the fabfilter stuff

I'm also a fan of audio damage's offerings, as well as d16's
FabFilter for sure.
They're having a summer sale right now.
I have a ton of plugins to supplement my hardware.
Slate Everything Bundle is a no brainer! It has a wide variety of very useful plugs: comps, limiters, reverbs, EQs, really everything you could want.
Cytomic Glue and Drop are great.
Most of the NI stuff is good.
For instruments, Spectrasonics Omnisphere II and Trillian are epic.
unfiltered audio
fabfilter (everything)
valhalla dsp (everything)
sound toys
melda production
cytomic (everything)
izotope - neutron is really quite good for mixing workflow. i use it a lot in conjuntion w/some other eqs and compressors but finding it does a lot and sounds excellent. and the side chaining and other functions to be really excellent
TDR SlickEQ and Nova (as well as their compressor) are really fantastic and very impressive for being free plugins.

Klanghelm is really good too: SDRR for saturation, MJUC for bus compression, DC8C for track compression.

Take a look at Sonimus and SKNote as well.
Moon Indigo
I third Unfiltered and Valhalla. Also Madrona. They'll get you. Long way. Obviously Reaktor also.
FrogStar wrote:
FabFilter for sure.
They're having a summer sale right now.

only on bundles. / ends first august

for me: ( after a 10 year abstinence of DAW + VSTs )
Pro R ( Reverb)
Pro Q ( EQ )
Sound is one thing, access another. both is top on these
I am really enjoying the Eventide stuff. These are great for sound mangling. The Octavox is awesome for freaking out a simple synth line.

I use the Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator plugin quite a bit on percussion stuff.

Most other things I get done with the built in plugins in Live.
Some things I haven't seen mentioned...

Aether - Reverb
Magnetic II - Tape Saturation
DrMS - Spatial Processor
UBK / sly-fi are the nicest sounding analogish vintagey stuff.

Fabfilter is just a joy to work with.
RC-20 Retro Color - make things sound retro (in a lofi good way)
OEK Soothe - Heard lots good thing about it, suposed do a good job removing unpleasant resonants from your mix / audio.
I'm a huge fan of McDSP stuff. Everything sounds fantastic and it's all pretty accessible and priced nicely. Colin's a super nice guy too. Definitely worth checking out.
I really love the Waves 10 band EQ called Q10. It's nice because you can carve out exactly where you want to with exactly the kind of EQ shape you want instead of farting around trying to find the thing that sort of works with a fixed filter bank type EQ.

Another VST fave are convolution reverbs. Waves makes 2 that I can vouch for IR-L (stereo) and IR360 (for surround). Probably any convolution reverb would do that you can load your own impulse recordings into. Personally I make most of mine in max then use ableton m4l.
There are some decent free softsynths like Helm, Synth1, Crystal, Noisemaker and Dexed.

Tal-U-No-XL and Synthmaster are pretty decent values, especially when on sale.

Reaktor, Madrona Labs, U-he, FF, etc all also great.

Togu Audio Line also makes great free effects that are worth downloading.
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