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Pitchbend Modypoly
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Author Pitchbend Modypoly
I created this topic so we won't mix the previous questions (Eko Rhythmaker and UniPulse)

So I have done the pitchbend mod on the Polysix and I don't know why but it doesn't work.

I use 33K + 66K (2x33K) on the red wire and now the polysix is out of tune (meaning the C has became A) which is not a problem since you can calibrate the pitchbend.

Unfortunately the pitch bend CC command is not working (there is no point of doing the pitchbend cal. then)
I can still send midi note on off or change the filter with the CC17 command. I have checked the continuity between the resistors so the soldered joints are ok.

I guess it is not a midi issue from my side, right?

I have a modysix number #0068 and I have upgraded the firmware with your soft (fw 1.55).

What did i do wrong?

Oh and I have tested the pitchbend mod using the CC21 & CC22 commands hooked with the brown wire and the reso mod as well by the way but same results.

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