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MIDI studio routing setup help!!
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Author MIDI studio routing setup help!!
Hi there,

I've recently bought a Polyend SEQ and wanted to integrate that into my studio setup. At present the MIDI setup in my studio is born of convenience, not deep MIDI knowledge!

I want to be able to use my Polyend SEQ which has two dedicated MIDI outputs to sequence my hardware synths and take MIDI input from my MIDI keyboard synths in terms of note input. In conjunction with is this, I need everything to play nice in Logic Pro X if I want to use the SEQ to program soft-synths, etc.

Here is a diagram to show how my equipment is currently linked:

As you can see, I'm not exactly a whizz at MIDI. I understand I might need to use a combination of a MIDI Thru splitter and maybe a MIDI merger or two such as the MIDI Solutions gear.

I think that I need to change my setup to reduce the use of MIDI outs on the Motu MIDI Express 128 to 1 so that I can then split that with a MIDI thru box so that each synth is getting the same MIDI signals. Then I could merge the MIDI output of the Polyend SEQ with that of the single MIDI output from the Motu MIDI Express 128 before it goes to the MIDI thru box. Basically this could allow either the Motu MIDI Express 128 to output MIDI to my synths or the Polyend SEQ.

I got to about that point and my brain started to melt, so I think I need some help!

Here is a link to my file if that helps: sharing
The MOTU has setup software for configuring how each input is routed, correct? So you can set up one channel to go to all the outputs.

I struggle with MIDI, too, and am going through similar pains getting a simpler setup working the way I want it. I'm working with my interface's setup software (an iConnectivity piece) to get things routed.
did you ever sort this out? I was drawing up a diagram and just noticed how old this post is
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